Post Thumbnail of Tyrese, Carlos, Slade and Jonnie John
10 August 2019 GAY PORN

Check out the way this horny stud is wrapping his lips around this penis and drooling all over it! His beefy muscles flex as he’s thrusting his weiner inside his throat, and flexing even more when he’s fucking his asshole deep like he’s drilling for oil. And while these two mans are pumping in this vid, we get to see even more hot guys getting off! Two studs enjoying the sun together can’t control their stiff boners, and suck and bang outside, while another guy gets a craving for a chocolate meatstick, and takes it in his lily white butt.

Post Thumbnail of King KB and Anthony Hendrix
8 August 2019 GAY PORN

Spying on a stud in the pool, King KB is telling his boy about how his thug rump is going to bang the hell out of this naked white boy, and Anthony is all about it when he sees him getting his feet wet in the pool.

Post Thumbnail of Tony Lee and Pablo Montejo
8 August 2019 GAY PORN

Young gay white boys love to have their butt full of jumbo black meatstick. A little white twink has his hands and mouth all over a oversize dark guy, stripping each other naked. Wrapping his ebony shaft blowing lips around the white tool he deep throats his entire length

Post Thumbnail of Joe Romero and Justin Blade
5 August 2019 GAY PORN

Joe Romero and Justin Blade have been thinking about an interracial gay fuckfest for quite some time.

Post Thumbnail of Chance Caldwell and Sweet Williams
3 August 2019 GAY PORN

After practice, these two football jocks retired to the bathroom to start cleaning up. While in the stall, one of them noticed a glory hole, and stuck his weiner through it.

Post Thumbnail of Adam Kubick, Martin Hoffman and Skylar Rolland
1 August 2019 GAY PORN

This vid opens on two good-looking Caucasian guys, getting dirty in their dorm room. One dude is giving his buddy some serious oral attention, licking all over his weiner, paying special attention to his testicles and even licking his anus hole.

Post Thumbnail of Blain Baxter, Dillion Daily and Loren McLeod
29 July 2019 GAY PORN

What do three studs hanging out on a couch do together when they’re bored of looking over real estate paperwork? Well when the gay couple makes a pass at the real estate stud, he immediately warms up to the idea, fulfilling one of his deepest fantasies. They pull his weiner out of his pants and start to suck on it, while feeding him some dick as well.

Post Thumbnail of Paul Carrigan and Rick Colts
21 July 2019 GAY PORN

Paul’s prick stood out from his body like a huge poker. It was as hard as one and that was how he intended to use it Rick drops to his knees and takes the rigid penis into is mouth as Paul pulls his face down further on the shaft.

Post Thumbnail of William Grail and Jack Doff
15 July 2019 GAY PORN

The road can be really lonely, and when there are mostly only studs at the truckstops – well you put two and two together to figure out exactly what they want to go ahead and do with each other. William Grail and Jack Doff find each other in their rooms, and this interracial trucker episode starts off with Jack sucking off his newfound friend

Post Thumbnail of Matt Harper
13 July 2019 GAY PORN

Your weiner will be hard as soon as you see good-looking college dude Matt Harper. This all-American guy looks like he should be the captain of the football team; lucky for us, he is having trouble paying his college tuition and so he decides to jerk off on camera for money! He’s got a really hot bod, quite muscular, and that shaft is absolutely divine! Genetically, most guys’ penises reach to the belly button when erect, but Matt’s goes several inches further. He furiously pumps his fat schlong until he deposits a thick stream of jizz on to his belly button and down over his snail trail

Post Thumbnail of Otto and Laszlo
9 July 2019 GAY PORN

Two studs are sitting on a couch getting to know each other better. A bottle of wine is introduced to help loosen them up so they will be more eager to get it on.

Post Thumbnail of Gus Avery and Norman Corvette
2 June 2019 GAY PORN

In this line of work, you have to make sure that everything is done to your commanding officer’s liking, or else you can get into some serious trouble. So when this dude got put on bathroom duty, he had to make sure that he got every bit of dirt off of every surface. And not only did he get yelled at for not doing a good job, it was time for his erection inspection! He stood at attention, and so did his weiner when his underwear got pulled down and his manhood got thrusted into his officer’s mouth

Post Thumbnail of Bryce Denim
8 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

Now this stud is just pure sex! Bryce Denim must be pushing 30, with an extremely attractive and masculine receding hairline and a completely hairless bod. In fact, the only hair on his body is the neatly trimmed patch of pubes around his weiner, which is already hefty but looks pumping big given the optical inch that his neat pubic trimming gives him! He knows he’s packing some serious thunder, sitting back on the sofa and grinning as he flexes his abs and strokes himself to a huge hard on

Post Thumbnail of Dimas Martins and Marco Axel
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

We start off in a busy area and then show a office type area before going to bedroom where two studs meet. Before long they both have their shirts off and are making out. Pretty soon they’re both stripped down to their thongs and making out on the bed

Post Thumbnail of Miguel, Shawn and Joshua
25 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

These two horny college dudes had ostensibly got together to study, but what is really on their minds is getting some tool and butt action happening. These horny guys are at university for the first time, and fuck the studies – they require to get laid! They begin by kissing each other passionately, stripping off and getting the freak on. Just as they cum swap are getting busy, a third man walks into the room, pulling his own clothes off and cramming his weiner into the mouths of both young gentlemen, who eagerly suck

Post Thumbnail of Giorgio, Alfonso
27 March 2019 GAY PORN

It’s a good thing that couch is huge enough for both Giorgio and Alfonso with the way they’re going at it with one another, because they keep moving all around it while they’re kissing and rubbing, moving each other’s clothes off to get at their cute twink bodies underneath. They finally unleash their dongs from their jeans, and they get rock hard from the deep face fucking they get. Then he bends him over and takes a look at his tight asshole before pushing his weiner as far in his butthole as it can go.

Post Thumbnail of Gene La Mar, Bobby Blake
14 March 2019 BLACK GAYS

Gene La Mar is a hot dark leather lover who has on a wild studded thong and straps. He’s joined by Bobby Blake, a tight bodied thug that has a thing for this leather clad ebony stallion

Post Thumbnail of Angelo Mencia
12 March 2019 GAY PORN

Good-looking and muscular Latino man Angelo is about to show you what he is hiding underneath his y-fronts! He sits down on a mini wooden chair, peeling off his black underpants and revealing a thick and meaty manhood. He’s got a fantastic schlong to go along with that glistening, muscular body! He starts to stroke himself off, holding his weiner at the base with one hand while he pumps the head with the other.

Post Thumbnail of Sasha and Bili
21 February 2019 GAY PORN

Oversize dickhead man Bili is a little bit shy, not wanting his face to be shown on camera during this xxx bareback blow job and backdoor video. That doesn’t worry horny cocksucker Sasha – he’s far more interested in that hard meat! The skinny, hairy guy swallows Bili’s meat whole, gripping the weiner firmly at the base to make it bulge massively while he swallows. The dirty oral whore massages the ballsack as well, eager to taste the salty precum in his mouth

Post Thumbnail of Damian Duke, Lex Blond
29 December 2018 GAY PORN

Damian Duke was not expecting a new guy at his local massage parlor, but he has high hopes that this young lad knows what he’s all about and will oblige him his pleasures of the flesh. Lex Blond actually took this gig especially for the extra meatsticks he got to suck on the side. The spare cash is nice, but what’s even nicer is that they generally suck his weiner too.

Post Thumbnail of Jamison Pierce, Rusty Stevenson
24 December 2018 GAY PORN

You’re going to love watching hunky young college mans Jamie and Rusty making their first amateur porn. Although Rusty appears like a smooth, manhood-sucking twink, he is in fact the dominant top in this episode

Post Thumbnail of Jamison Pierce, Rusty Stevenson
24 December 2018 GAY PORN

You’re going to love watching hunky young college mans Jamie and Rusty making their first amateur porn. Although Rusty appears like a smooth, manhood-sucking twink, he is in fact the dominant top in this episode.

Post Thumbnail of Jamison Pierce, Rusty Stevenson
24 December 2018 GAY PORN

You’re going to love watching hunky young college mans Jamie and Rusty making their first amateur porn. Although Rusty appears like a smooth, manhood-sucking twink, he is in fact the dominant top in this episode.

Post Thumbnail of Kevin Anderson, Mitch Ray, Rick Scotti, Tony Koll
9 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

In this hot vid, an older stud seduces a younger chap and fucks him in the anus. This older fellow is experienced in seducing younger men, who all seem to love his bright red sports car. He lets them sit in the driver’s seat and feel a taste of the power, and once their passions are inflamed they let go of all of their inhibitions.

Post Thumbnail of Leo Mack, Matt Jackson
8 December 2018 GAY PORN

At this out of the way campsite, older guy Matt sees cute young twink Leo sneaking off to his tent. It’s obvious that the younger stud is going for a quick wank, but Matt has other ideas for him! Just as Leo is undoing his pants, Matt lets himself into the tent, shutting the flap behind him and pulling out his own prick. Leo gulps guiltily and then goes down bareback on the older stud, working his weiner and hoping that he is going to feel that spurt in his throat.

Post Thumbnail of Hector Munoz, Steve Tuck
6 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

When you’re touching horny, it’s always good to have friends! This young stud can’t think for the itching in his weiner, so he gets on the phone and calls up one of his buddies who he knows is always keen to suck and bang. The mans get naked in the living room and there is plenty of oral sex, with blow jobs both ways and even some hardcore backside rimming. Both of these dudes obviously love to have their tongues buried in another stud’s booty crack, and there is nothing left to the imagination as the camera zooms right in on the backside licking action

Post Thumbnail of Angel, Lewis
27 November 2018 GAY PORN

Angel was in the locker room lifting some weights. As he finished he got nude and started rubbing his weiner. Lewis walked in and saw him and was so turned on by it that he pulled off his clothes and started stroking his shlong.

Post Thumbnail of Nick Piston, Chuck DiRocco
27 November 2018 GAY PORN

The way this chair is set up is the perfect way for this leather chap wearing bear to feed his buddy his booty while watching him jerk off. He dips his butthole on his tongue and then moves forward so he can start blowing on his cock.

Post Thumbnail of Little Blundt, Christian Diaz
25 November 2018 GAY PORN

Usually when you see a ebony gay in a gay porno, you know that his weiner is going to be the one that gets waved around. However, in this one Christian Diaz gets his manhood sucked by his dark costar Little Blundt, who not only gives a great tongue lashing, but also takes a dong like a pro. This reverse interracial gay porn episode has Christian pounding the hell out of that luscious chocolate ass, going harder and harder until he’s just begging to explode all over

Post Thumbnail of Little Blundt, Christian Diaz
25 November 2018 GAY PORN

Usually when you see a ebony gay in a gay porno, you know that his weiner is going to be the one that gets waved around.

Post Thumbnail of Ben Obren, Peter Rhodes
8 November 2018 GAY PORN

Peter is working hard at his desk when it is time for a break, Ben comes in and pulls him up out of his chair and they begin kissing and stripping of their clothes. Ben goes down on Peter, licking and blowing on his weiner while he cups his balls in his hand. His head bobs up and down as he deep throats his entire shlong, using his hand to stretch the skin firm to the base of his meatstick..

Post Thumbnail of Damian Ford, Jay Ross, Billy Brandt
5 November 2018 GAY PORN

In this hot gay bedroom sex clip, porn dude Damian is paid a visit by his gorgeous boyfriend Jay. Jay lets himself in to Damian’s bedroom in the middle of the night, waking him by licking his weiner up and down until he is dribbling sperm! Then it’s straight into the hard assfucking, with Damian lying back with his legs spread while Jay mounts him in missionary, starting up a steady banging that soon has Damian gasping. Jay rolls his boyfriend over part way through, spreading his knees with his feet and slaming the full length of his rock hard pole in to Damian’s butthole.

Post Thumbnail of Leaf Hendrickson, Marc Anthony
2 November 2018 GAY PORN

Wow – both of these hot young jocks have got incredible bodies! Completely hairless except for their pubes, these two guys’ rippling muscles will definitely make your mouth water. They get straight into the action in this quick bathroom bang vid, with some steamy 69 and ass licking action. Then muscular blond dude Leaf lays out his brunette friend for some hard and deep pumping in both doggy and missionary.

Post Thumbnail of Alex, Russ
31 October 2018 GAY PORN

It’s the closest thing Alex has ever had to a serious relationship. He’s got a key to Russ’ place, and still drops in on days like today when he requires something that feels comfortable and real.

Post Thumbnail of Alex, Sid
30 October 2018 GAY PORN

Sid doesn’t know that Alex sleeps around. It’s not something you talk about on the first date.

Post Thumbnail of These Two Mans Can't Get Enough Shlong
23 October 2018 GAY PORN

Alex Turner hooked up with Vincent DeMarco and took him home. As soon as they were back to Alex’s place they were kissing and undressing each other. The guys took turns mouthing each other’s long dickheads

Post Thumbnail of Hefty Dicked Guy Jirua Kallopa Masturbates His Hard Tool
22 October 2018 GAY PORN

Jirua Kallopa loves to show off his body, especially when he knows that he’s going to have an audience as jumbo as his weiner. He’s got a great looking body and some sexy overalls to bring a kind of country boy look to the episode

Post Thumbnail of Shy White Dude Begs For Stiff Ebony Tool
18 October 2018 GAY PORN

A dominant dark man picks up a shy white man at the club one night. The men go back to the ebony dude’s house and find themselves sitting alone. It’s up to the black dude to take the initiative, so he pulls down his white friend’s pants and sucks his weiner until it is rock hard

Post Thumbnail of Sweet Surfer Man Jacks His Thick Wang
17 October 2018 GAY PORN

Now this man is a real cutie – and something of a narcissist! He’s got long, sandy blond hair, giving him a boyish, surfer look. He sits topless in front of a giant mirror, dressed in a firm pair of fashionable jeans. He’s got a well muscled chest with firm pectorals and muscular biceps.

Post Thumbnail of Mail Dude Sucks off Huge Weiner Stud
17 October 2018 GAY PORN

Now this is a delivery that you would love to get – Sean Ross is dressed up in a mail man’s outfit, and he goes around back to find Henry George stroking his meatstick on the back porch. This man is just loving working his weiner up and down, wrapping his hand tight around his wang and going passionate. He’s also in the mood to start mouthing off this luscious dickhead, so he leans down and starts helping Henry out with his masturbation session

Post Thumbnail of Mail Man Sucks off Oversize Penis Dude
7 October 2018 GAY PORN

Now this is a delivery that you would love to get – Sean Ross is dressed up in a mail stud’s outfit, and he goes around back to find Henry George stroking his weiner on the back porch.

Post Thumbnail of Pecker Mouthing And Dildo Rump Banging
7 October 2018 GAY PORN

Geez, can this stud get any privacy in his room? All he wanted to do was lie back and relax in his bed and possibly jerk off, but he gets a fun interruption when the captain comes into his room and offers him up some fun. He takes off his pants and lays him down in the bed so he can suck his weiner up and down and get him rock hard

Post Thumbnail of Flexible Jumbo Tool Stud Joey Sucks His Own Fat Cock
5 October 2018 GAY PORN

Young beefcake dude Joey Stevens is blessed with those two most spectacular abilities – an incredibly huge dong, and the flexibility to be able to suck his own prick! In this episode we see him at home alone, indulging in his favorite activity – auto fellatio! First he jerks himself till he is rock hard and just about ready to ejaculate when the camera zooms in on the eye of his penis, you can see the first drops of salty precum starting to gather. Then he lifts himself upside down, sliding the bulging head of his weiner into his mouth and sucking on it.

Post Thumbnail of Latino With Huge Cock Jerks Himself Off
4 October 2018 GAY PORN

You’re definitely going to be impressed with the weiner size of stud Rico Deep! This good-looking straight dude jerks off for your enjoyment in this solo male episode. He looks like he might have some Latino blood in him, judging by his facial features, and he is sporting a sexy, neatly trimmed goatee. He gets naked and sits on the sofa, stroking his semierect dong.

Post Thumbnail of Brunette Twink Stimulates Manhood and Asshole in Bath
3 October 2018 GAY PORN

Young, beautiful Kurt is showing off his slim, twink body in the shower, but this isn’t your average solo show, Kurt’s brought toys to shove in his tight little bum! He can’t help putting his hands down the front of his yellow cartoon briefs. He massages the growing heat between his thighs until his weiner is rock solid.

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