Post Thumbnail of Kurt Wagner, Brett Collins, Cody Scott, Michael Knight and Bobby Golden
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

The pool is just an invitation to have some hot gay sex, at least at this pool. It’s almost overflowing with hunky, sexy gay mans that are lusting after a penis down their throats. Things start off between Kurt Wagner and Brett Collins, and quickly heats up poolside.

Post Thumbnail of Carlos Baxter, Tim Brensen, Daniel Paxton, Dean Edwards and Mark Vlady
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

In this perverted army squad, the officers rule. Today, two deviant officers, dressed in their full military uniform and looking quite sexy, order four privates to strip nude for a surprise medical inspection. Of course, the four young dudes have to do what they are told, and they drop their trousers immediately

Post Thumbnail of Tim Brensen, Dean Edwards, Mark Vlady, Carlos Shannon and Federico Johnson
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Hey, life in prison can’t be that bad! In this group for men, there are five studs stuck in a room together. The action is fast and furious, opening on a xxx foursome as the guys pair off and sodomise each other while the fifth guy watches and masturbates. The highlight of the vid has got to be the four-dude sandwich, as the four dudes lie one in front of the other and simultaneously bang each others’ booties

Post Thumbnail of Fabrice Felder, Rick Perry, Carlos Baxter and Rick Bauer
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

All four of these lonely studs are so bored of their daily routine and they require to bang! Fabrice Felder, Rick Perry, Carlos Baxter and Rick Bauer are all stuck in a room but one man decides that they all need a break. He jumps on top of a desk and another man comes over and starts giving him head

Post Thumbnail of Lukas Dvorak and Lukas Broz
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Lukas Dvorak and Lukas Broz are those gorgeous Eastern Euro dudes that really love to put on a show with each other – and there is nothing quite like seeing these mans going at it.

Post Thumbnail of Pavel Vichera and Jozef Cernan
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Now I’m not a large one for studio porn at times – I usually love seeing amateurs going at it.

Post Thumbnail of Juraj Pisa, Radek Hanzely and Karel Chytil
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

I don’t know what it is about power cocks that gets these Eastern Euro sweeties all riled up and ready to bang, but they’re in a body shop and it’s making them harder and harder by the second. Either that or they’re just bored with work

Post Thumbnail of Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Mario McCabe, Austin Rogers and Marco Sanchez
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Daniel Lautrec, Mario McCabe, Austin Rogers and Mario Sanchez came into the bar after a long day out working on the ranch. The dudes had a drink then things got a little crazy and the mans started to kiss. The clothes came off and shlongs found their ways into mouths.

Post Thumbnail of Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Mario McCabe, Austin Rogers and Jiri Kosztakov
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Austin Rogers and Jiri Kosztakov were busy sucking and banging in the bar when Daniel Lautrec and Mario McCabe hooked up in the bunk house. They traded blowjobs and got each other rock hard

Post Thumbnail of Daniel Lautrec, Lazzaro Ramirez, Marco Sanchez, Jiri Kosztakov and David Wood
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

While David Wood and Marco Sanchez were out at the bar having a drink Daniel Lautrec went to the jail and told Lazzaro Ramirez that he would let him out of jail if he sucked his shaft. Lazzaro went to his knees and opened wide so he could swallow Daniel’s dong down his throat.

Post Thumbnail of Mario McCabe, Austin Rogers, Allan Parkers, Paolo Ramatti and Vincent Lombardo
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Mario McCabe and Austin Rogers were in a bar out on the open range.

Post Thumbnail of Casey Morgan and Kyle Reardon
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

Casey Morgan and Kyle Reardon are in the mood for some hot and heavy twink sex in the kitchen, and nothing is going to stop them from messing around with each other. They start off with kissing nice and slow, long and sensual kisses that make their peniss stiff as a board. By the time they get themselves so turned on, they can’t make it to the bedroom

Post Thumbnail of Max Grand, Casey Morgan and Sebastian Jaymz
10 July 2019 GAY PORN

This hot gay backdoor movie begins with a pair of of good-looking and extremely wealthy dudes waking up in the morning. As they stretch and relax in their sumptuous bed, one of the studs picks up a dirty magazine and begins to vid through it, pointing out especially horny parts to his partner

Post Thumbnail of Marc West, Alex Summers and Sean Wolf
9 July 2019 GAY PORN

At the beginning of this vid we see an older daddy figure having his cock sucked by two younger mans.

Post Thumbnail of Justin Long, Marco Antonio and Casey Morgan
9 July 2019 GAY PORN

This intense kitchen sex scene begins with two good-looking young dudes kissing each other. One has a big, billowing singlet on, while the other wears a sleeveless checkered shirt – both of the dudes look extremely queer! They have some really hot oral sex, sucking each other one by one and then 69ing on the couch

Post Thumbnail of Tamas and Michal
9 July 2019 GAY PORN

Sexy naked stud is laying on the couch having his knob polished by a dude wearing an apron with fake boobs. His manhood is dripping with saliva so the tittied dude climbs on top of him and sits down on his hard dripping shaft, taking it deep inside firm asshole. After riding him like a cowboy, he gets flipped around so he can be banged doggy style against the back of the couch.

Post Thumbnail of Futo and Albert
9 July 2019 GAY PORN

Each dude quickly strips of his own clothes with their peniss already hard a ready. The sexy blond man gets on his knees to give the brunette a blow job. He sits him down on the couch, pours them a brew then gets back to bobbing his head up and down on his boner

Post Thumbnail of Attila and Csaba
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

Attila and Csaba are a pair of sweet Eastern Euro studs that start off just walking down the street together, but end up getting their asses filled with thick lovely penis. The high point of the flick is when Csaba has his mouth opened wide, just gobbling down Attila’s penis like it’s the last dickhead on Earth. He has plenty of enthusiasm, and when he gets done blowing up that schlong he has the biggest smile on his face – and then he gets pounded in the butt, taken to an climax that leaves the couch stained.

Post Thumbnail of Karl Thomas and Josh Sterling
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

If you want to pick up a horny guy, one of the best places that you can go is the gay video section of your local adult bookstore! You’re sure to find a whole bunch of horny gay chaps who are looking for casual sex! That’s exactly what happens in this excellent movie, as two mans hook up and immediately high tail it back to the crib. They start off in the kitchen, pressing each other up against the fridge for some excellent kissing.

Post Thumbnail of Fabrice Felder, George Surge, Davis and Ned
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

Fabrice Felder, George Surge, Davis and Ned were all on an Army training exercise out in the bitters of the norther tundra. After a long day in the ice they went back to their bunker where they stripped off and started stroking and mouthing each other to stay warm

Post Thumbnail of Jeremy Bulge and Adam West
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

Jeremy Bulge and Adam West are both well muscled men – I would almost call them bears, except that they don’t have nearly enough body hair for that kind of thing. They are fucking hot, especially if you’re into slightly older men

Post Thumbnail of Fernando Nielsen, Joseph Saint and Gary Bean
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

Fernando Nielsen is the type of man that just loves threesomes, especially when he’s paired up with two men in leather. These dudes are all slightly older and hunky I would say, and they start off in a rather violent movie.

Post Thumbnail of Kyle, Antwan and Bob
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

We start off with three dudes who are in the shower just cleaning off. As one is cleaning off his dong is growing long and he shows the other two

Post Thumbnail of Harry, Kyle, George Surge and Charles Growe
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

We are greeted with two studs who go into a hot tub and are already making out.

Post Thumbnail of Fernando Nielsen, Kyle and Fabian
8 July 2019 GAY PORN

There are three muscular jocks living in this apartment, and occasionally the sexual tension spills over into an outright gay orgy. In this particular vid, a stud with long hair stands proudly in front of his two subordinate bitches, while they get down on their knees and suck his jumbo weiner

Post Thumbnail of Kyle, Gionny and Ted
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

I always have gay wrestler fantasies, but watching it in a porn scene is just so beyond awesome for me – especially the way that it starts. Kyle is standing in between Gionny and Ted, and once he walks up they stop wrestling and start running their tongues up and down his cock

Post Thumbnail of Tony Rangel and Sebastiano Dini
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

Tony Rengel had been away on business so when he got home Sebastiano Dini was so happy to see him he started kissing and undressing him the minute he walked through the door. The dudes got naked fast, then Tony went down and swallowed Sebastiano’s enormous manhood. They couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom so Sebastiano bent Tony over, right on the stairs, and anus fucked him hard.

Post Thumbnail of Tony Rangel, Sebastiano Dini, Paolo Suriano and Glauco
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

Tony Rangel was giving Sebastiano Dini a full body massage. Both mans were fully nude so it wasn’t long before Sebastiano was springing some wood. Tony massaged Sebastiano’s penis then wrapped his lips around it and sucked

Post Thumbnail of Tony Rangel, Sebastiano Dini, Guido LaRosa and Martino Dolce
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

Nothing like a late-night chat-room romp to find a horny hunk to have your way with. Tony Rangel, Sebastiano Dini, Guido LaRosa, and Martino Dolce team up for a dramatic time as two pairs of men seek men for a night of intimate encounters. The shlongs are hefty and the bodies are hard in this one

Post Thumbnail of Gustavo Boulevard and Troy Steel
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

Troy Steel and Gustavo Boulevard look like mans that should be posing for a cologne ad instead of getting nasty on camera.

Post Thumbnail of Alex Junior and Gustavo Boulevard
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

The neighbours would be shocked if they knew that these two good-looking latin guys were having wild suck and bang action in the garden merely meters away from the back fence! These two guys are really enthusiastic, and you can tell by the way that they stare at each other, lost in each other’s eyes, that these horny homosexuals are deeply in love. Looking around furtively to make sure that none of the neighbors are looking, one guy drops to his knees and gives his buddy a fantastic blow job

Post Thumbnail of Eric Carter and Corey Daniels
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

Eric Carter and Corey Daniels are exactly who you would have in mind if you hear the word poolboys.

Post Thumbnail of Dirk Adams and Peter Wilder
7 July 2019 GAY PORN

Dirk Adams sits naked on his bed when her realizes that Peter Wilder is watching him through his window. Though he does his best to get Peter to leave, Peter climbs through the window to have at Dirk’s muscular body. Dirk sucks Peter’s hard weiner, playing with his balls as he blows him deep

Post Thumbnail of Brock Hensley and Brett Collins
6 July 2019 GAY PORN

Not only could these guys not wait to get it on together, but as soon as they got to the floor, this stud couldn’t wait to get himself a face full of hairy butt! He buried his tongue in his buddy’s anus crack, and licked it squeaky clean. As soon as he gayporn was loose enough, he pushed his swollen prick inside of his butthole until he was all the way inside, and then grabbed him by his waist and began plowing his tight bang hole. Then it was his turn to get fucked, as he laid down and got his dickhead jerked off while his booty was filled up

Post Thumbnail of Jack Laurel, Paul Skerrit, Jonathan Collins and Joe Calderon
30 June 2019 GAY PORN

Whack Laurel, Jonathan Collins, Paul Skerrit and Joe Calderon are in the mood for a hardcore and wild time when they park their bikes in an alley.

Post Thumbnail of Big Cocked Str8 Studs
5 June 2019 GAY VIDEOS

Over 60 inches of huge hard cock! Studio: Bait Buddies Director: Gio Caruso Starring: Alex Andrews Brenn Wyson Girth Brooks Parker Perry Brent Biscayne Corey Martin Larkin Kain Stone

Post Thumbnail of Mark Zebro
25 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

These horny young gays meet each other at the bar and go home for some saucy bang and suck action. They get naked in the lounge, admiring each others’ tight bodies and stroking each others’ bulges. They go down on each other, gagging on and enjoying the musky taste of another guy’s manhood in their mouths

Post Thumbnail of Mikail Yankov
2 May 2019 GAY PORN
Post Thumbnail of Steamy twinks sex
28 April 2019 TWINK BOYS

These two dudes were straight, at least they thought they were till that moment when they incidentally stayed in one house together. While waiting for their common friend they took a beer and they both sat to watch tv. Two dudes were kissing there and the studs just couldn’t help but shot a glance at each other.

Post Thumbnail of Rogerio Mascarenhas and Mario Brunel
21 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

If burly, muscular guys are latino gay men your thing that you’ll love this wild Latino fuck flick! Two dudes hook up over the Internet, immediately meeting each other for a dirty and sweaty afternoon fuck. Both men are hung, with some great muscles on them – they’re definitely not skinny! Lovers of hot rim job action will definitely get off on this episode as the studs take turns tonguing out each others’ tender assholes before they get down to the deep anal sex. Most of it happens pornmoviesgay porn from behind, either lying on the sofa or with one stud bending over and gripping the wall for support.

Post Thumbnail of Reed Dennis
11 April 2019 GAY PORN
Post Thumbnail of Vlada, Vlado and Avki
7 April 2019 GAY PORN

Black and sultry, horny cocksucker Avki has picked up two pale skinned Euro guys who are both going to take a turn at riding his ass! As soon as he is sandwiched on the sofa between the two strapping mans, Avki pulls out their peniss and start blowing. He jerks his own little shaft while he blows the studs, but they make no attempt to touch his private parts – they are far more interested in drilling his mouth and his anus! The dude takes a painful booty banging from both men, who keep his mouth full of hard wang at all times as well.

Post Thumbnail of Mike Denning
6 April 2019 GAY PORN


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