Post Thumbnail of Ricardo Montenegro, Lucas Rocha, Bruno Meneguel
4 July 2019 LATINO GAYS

Ricardo Monteblack, Lucas Rocha, and Bruno Memeguel love to spend a lot of time together – especially when that time means they get to fuck each other. They are in one xxx threesome together, although it’s just the first two for a little bit.

Post Thumbnail of Tattooed Latin hunk returns oral favor to his mate
21 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

The beauty of a debt is its payment, these gay youngsters cannot but agree with the saying.

Post Thumbnail of Raunchy Ass Rimming and Sucking
16 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

These horny Latino guys enjoy a hot wet ass licking. After licking that ass until it is dripping wet a throbbing big cock is shoved deep inside. Just take a look at this, he’s good!

Post Thumbnail of Fede
12 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

Latino twink Fedo is posing out by the pond and showing off his slender body and big cock. Latino Smooth ! Smooth, horny and hung Latino twinks are waiting to please you in nonstop boy on boy sex. From outdoor orgies to ass pounding action in virgin boy butts, we bring you the best gay action from the latin world right to your PC

Post Thumbnail of Fede
12 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

Latino twink Fedo is posing out by the pond and showing off his slender body and big cock.

Post Thumbnail of Fede
12 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

Latino twink Fedo is posing out by the pond and showing off his slender body and big cock. Latino Smooth ! Smooth, horny and hung Latino twinks are waiting to please you in nonstop boy on boy sex

Post Thumbnail of Barezilian Surprise
8 June 2019 GAY VIDEOS

These hot Latino twinks have a great time with each other. Just picture this…7 young over-sexed, hormones runing wild, horny-assed Latin twinks ready to get it on with like minded passionate buddies.

Post Thumbnail of Gay boys got busted romping at construction site
5 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

Work almost done, and it’s playtime.

Post Thumbnail of Leandro solo
3 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

Fancy getting up close and personal with the gorgeous Leandro without any distractions? In this video, you get the Latino beauty all to your lonesome, without any greedy hands distracting from his beautiful caramel body.

Post Thumbnail of Marcio Rosa and Amauri de Oliveira
1 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

A good looking man is sitting on a couch in the sun, reading the newspaper at a campsite. Just then, the barbecue chef walks up, obviously attracted by the good-looking Brazilian man’s charm. The two hit it off immediately, and the stud can see that the cook has that cocksucking look in his eye.

Post Thumbnail of Diego Lozano and Leon Paiva
1 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

Leon Paiva was sitting in the living room reading a dirty magazine when Diego Lozano came in and saw him flicking his dickhead so he walked over, pulled his tool out and started sucking it. muscle gay latino Once he had him rock hard he backed up and sat down on that hard penis, taking it deep in his backside and riding him while Leon reached around stroked his dick. Leon fucked Diego’s backside, hitting it like it owned him money then he bent him over the chair and really started slamming him with some balls swinging thrusts.

Post Thumbnail of Julio Vidal and Marcio Pittbull
1 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

Two horny Brazilian beef cakes book into a private hotel for some sexy one on one time. These mans have been drinking at the bit to get into each others’ asses, and now’s their chance! They put some romantic music on before they take turns going down on each other. The cocksucking action soon turns to rump licking, as they studs bend over and offer up their tight bung holes for oral pleasuring.

Post Thumbnail of Charlie and Mike
31 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

Charlie and Mike laid out a blanket for a relaxing afternoon lunch in the woods.

Post Thumbnail of Justin Newport and John Carlos
7 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

Justin Newport and John Carlos have a hard time getting a chance to be together – so they decide to go for a romantic and private picnic. There is just something about banging in the park. You shouldn’t be seen by anyone, but there’s always that chance that they could be discovered – and when they’re discovered, it would make their dicks even harder than before

Post Thumbnail of Maximo Latino
4 May 2019 GAY VIDEOS

Latin men all over the world engaged in pure hardcore gay action that you won’t want to miss! Studio: Blue Horizon Starring: Jack Jonathan Leonardo Fede A.J. Irons Mat Paul Maximo

Post Thumbnail of Junior and Latin Heat
4 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

Junior was talking to Latin Heat about a job opening he had. He asked Junior some questions then Junior told him he would do anything he could to get the job so Latin stood up and told him to take care of him and he would give him the job. Junior leaned over, fished Latin’s penis out of his pants and started giving him head.

Post Thumbnail of Ricco Black
4 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

The Spanish boys have brought a new initiate back to the pool house, to get broken in to their gang. Unlike most gang initiation, this one doesn’t involve a passionate beating; instead, it involves some passionate cocksucking and ass pounding action! The new member kneels down on the floor while one of the older members of the gang sits naked on the pool table. The initiate willingly sucks the man’s pecker, tonguing the jumbo cock and licking the balls

Post Thumbnail of Latin Boyfriends Anal Fucking
4 May 2019 GAY VIDEOS

Our Latino boyfriends are back, this time they are fucking. They like to play a bit rough when they get horny, I am sure you will love watching these free video clips. And don’t forget to check out Young Hot Latinos to download this entire HD videos and loads more HD and DVD videos

Post Thumbnail of Manuel
4 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

This shaven headed Latino thug hasn’t been paying his drug debts, so his boss orders him to pay – one way or another! They are alone in the pool hall, and so the boss gets out his wang and orders his shaven headed subordinate to suck him of. Grimacing, the Latino gang member does so, getting on his knees and fellating the older guy. Then he gets bent over on the pool table and banged hard in the backside, taking a hefty meatstick right up inside his bowels.

Post Thumbnail of Danny and Frankie V.
4 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

Although this video starts off with a strip tease, you don’t have to worry – there is a lot more action just waiting around the corner.

Post Thumbnail of Emilio Sands and Rickee
3 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

I could actually sit here and watch Emilio Sands and Rickee working out forever – there is something intristically hot about seeing sweaty muscle men fucking iron. However you won’t hear me complaining when they go ahead and decide to bang right in the middle of the gym.

Post Thumbnail of Pedro Blanca and Rodrigo Sanz
3 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

These two hot young studs meet each other on a basketball court, admiring pornmoviesgay porn each others’ stunning physiques. They go back home with one another, enjoying a bit of hot sucking and banging on this hot afternoon.

Post Thumbnail of Javiar Martin, Sasha Borov and Diego Vicente
3 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

Two horny Latino gay men are cruising the streets, looking for a new member for an erotic threesome. They find a sweet young stud at a news agent, and they waste no time in chatting him up. They find that this firm backside hunk is an eager dude, and they take him back home for a hot threesome.

Post Thumbnail of Skippy Congo
3 May 2019 GAY VIDEOS

These hot Latino guys start off watching straight porn, they then start getting hard and sucking and fucking each other for a sexy threesome! Studio: Starring: Skippy Prince Congo

Post Thumbnail of Carlos Morales
1 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

If you like good-looking young studs, you will go gaga over beautiful young dude Carlos Morales.

Post Thumbnail of Chad Calvin, Antonio Correa and Lourenco Manhoz
1 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

The message of this video is: go to Brazil and get all the meatstick that you require! This Caucasian tourist is fresh off the plane, cruising around the beaches of this Brazilian city. He is amazed at the number of good-looking, muscular dudes wandering around.

Post Thumbnail of Chad Calvin, Alvaro Ferraz and Pero Botelho
1 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

A black army man and two Caucasian gay sex studs get it on in this hot homosexual threesome. The mans begin by sitting around in the mess hall, joking around

Post Thumbnail of Chad Calvin, Jorge Gomez and Leon Pavia
1 May 2019 LATINO GAYS

This Caucasian dude is wild about South American shaft! He just can’t get enough, inviting two strangers that he meets at a gay bar back to his apartment. The two dudes look slightly uncomfortable as they sit next to each other on the couch, but their eyes light up in hope as the Euro man kneels in front of them, pulling their meatsticks out of their pants. He moves from one dude to the other and back again, giving them excellent suck jobs, the kind that only come along once in a lifetime! The horny threesome retire to the bedroom, where the euro guy kneels in between the two dudes while one of them bangs his mouth and the other hammers his butt

Post Thumbnail of Dimas Martins and Marco Axel
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

We start off in a busy area and then show a office type area before going to bedroom where two studs meet. Before long they both have their shirts off and are making out. Pretty soon they’re both stripped down to their thongs and making out on the bed

Post Thumbnail of Marcio Pittbull and Marcelo Boni
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

We start off with two mans in a room, one in just shorts and the other in shorts and a shirt.

Post Thumbnail of Maicol, Thomas and Miguel
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

In this extremely hot gay threesome, a straight man gets banged by his two Latino employees. He never thought gay blow jobs that he would have a penis in his mouth, let alone two hefty brown ones! The guys all get naked outdoors, fingering their stiff shafts together. You can see the white dude is a little bit nervous about kissing another dude on the lips, but as soon as he tries it he is hooked! All the guys take turns banging each other up the ass and one of the Latino men turns out to be the dominant dude of the threesome.

Post Thumbnail of Chad Calvin and Antonio Correa
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

We start off with Chad and Antonio just waking up after a long night of fucking. Chad wakes up very horny and Antonio is more than happy to give him a good morning. It doesn’t take long for Chad to start mouthing on Antonio’s big hard shaft and before long Antonio move into the jacuzzi

Post Thumbnail of Denis Mello, Chad Calvin and Thomas Lourenco
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

Don’t you just love those brown South American boys? In this excellent gay sex scene, two young brown studs are relaxing in the spa pool. One of them is quite tall and muscular, while his younger companion is more slightly built.

Post Thumbnail of Rafael Lopez, Chad Calvin, Luis Coelho and Alvaro Lucio
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

We start off with a guy getting back to the place where he’s staying and three mans are waiting for him and he invites them all in. After looking around and chatting, it doesn’t take long for them to start making out. Before long two of them have their shirts stripped off and Chad is sucking the others gayporn manhood.

Post Thumbnail of Antonio De Capos and Chad Calvin
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

We start off with Chad and Antonio two hot guys who meet on the beach and soon head back to an apartment where Antonio soon starts to strip down and chat starts probing on him. The two start making out and before long Chad is mouthing Antonio’s shaft. After having his pecker sucked for gayporn a while Antonio sits up and strips Chads pants and lingerie off

Post Thumbnail of Nando and Maurcio
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

Sexy gay blowjob movies teenage Latin dude sits by the pool watching his pool boy clean it. He doesn’t require to burn in the sun so he asks the pool boy to apply sunscreen to his already golden body.

Post Thumbnail of Michael Feelps and Manuel
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

Two sexy South American painters are working on a job together. It’s extremely hot and humid, so they both end up taking off their shirts while they work. One of the men is flamboyantly gay, and he can’t help but notice that his ostensibly straight friend keeps peering over, trying to catch a glimpse of his gay friend’s body when he thinks he’s not looking.

Post Thumbnail of Lucas de Donas, Chad Calvin and Jorge Gomez
30 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

Chad is always up to bone some hot Brazilian dude’s ass, and he really got lucky when he met up with Jorge and Llucas on the street. After a bit of micro talk, he got them to go back to his place for some sexy three-way fun. Things got hot and heavy as soon as they got back to Chad’s place, with clothes flying everywhere, and mouths moving gay sex from lips to manhoods in a heartbeat

Post Thumbnail of Chad Calvin and Lourenco Manhoz
29 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

No words were needed between the two, because their passion for one another spoke volumes for the both of them. Lourenco came over Chad’s house for a good, stiff gay banging, and Chad was in a party mood.

Post Thumbnail of Antonio De Capos, Chad Calvin and Alvaro Ferraz
29 April 2019 LATINO GAYS

No one could ever say that Chad’s not a giving type of guy. When his friends Alvaro and Antonio ask if they could use his steam room, he’s all for it

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