Post Thumbnail of Christian Cox
2 November 2016 GAY PORN

Have you ever woken up with a raging hard on in the morning that needs to be satisfied? That’s what happens to good-looking blond guy Christian; as he is waking from his slumber, you can clearly see his hard prick outlined against the thin gay sex sheet.

Post Thumbnail of Cole Powers
1 July 2016 GAY PORN

As he is recovering in his bunk from a facial injury, red blooded military dude Cole Powers has nothing to do but play with his dick.

Post Thumbnail of Dice Daniels
19 April 2016 GAY PORN

Although he does show off his asshole briefly in this movie, you can tell that dominant tradesman stud Dice is definitely a rough pounding top. He’s got that muscular, hulking demeanor that shows that he is used to holding horny mans down and screwing gayporn them as hard as he can in the rump until he fills up their buttholes with his ejaculate! He confidently looks into the camera as he shows off his muscular, well toned body; when he lies back to start stroking his shaft in earnest, you can see his abs rippling in a mouthwatering manner! He’s got a nice thick pink wang and he shoots a large, hot load all over that flat stomach and his pubic hair.

Post Thumbnail of Robby Rammer
14 March 2016 GAY PORN

Hung stud Robby Rammer has got a hardcore head of wild blond hair, and an even wilder masturbatory technique! Although you might think that he is a real extrovert judging by that flamboyant hair, he has an attack of shyness as he strips off and shows his hairless body. He closes his eyes, pinching his own sexy nipples as he starts to masturbate; it takes him a while to get rock hard at the beginning, but when he does attain a full erection, he has got quite an impressive shlong.

Post Thumbnail of Scott Tyson
9 February 2016 GAY PORN

In this short but sweet solo vid, skinny little man Scott Tyson shows off the fact that he’s got a hefty banging dick! He’s nude right from the opening frame, proudly showing off his toned bod and that large hard meatstick. He must be pushing 30, but that dick is super thick and rock hard; it points straight up to the ceiling like an arrow! He knows that he is working with a great piece and he grins in a not-very-humble way as he lies back and starts to pump himself

Post Thumbnail of Adrian Keys
15 January 2016 GAY PORN

Clean cut and skinny guy Adrian Keys pumps himself off in sublime fashion in this straightforward solo masturbation episode.

Post Thumbnail of Horatio Flame, Eric Delcock
22 November 2015 GAY PORN

Confused young buck Eric finds himself stumbling around outdoors in a dehydrated haze. In his confusion he finds himself a magic box, wishing for the thing that he truly requires most in the world – a nice firm anus to bang! He magically finds himself transported to a clearing in the middle of the woods, where gorgeous and completely naked Latino man Horatio is waiting for him! The two studs immediately kiss, their meatsticks springing to life and fencing with one another. The cocksucking goes both ways and then Horatio gets down on his hands and knees and begs for rectal

Post Thumbnail of Miguel Hornado, Hombre
22 November 2015 GAY PORN

This wealthy, bearded Latino guy has picked himself up a young and muscular piece of dickhead to use as nothing more than a gay sex cum receptacle. The guys have been banging all weekend, and once they have tired of doing the dirty indoors they move out in to the garden for some more exciting sex. Hopefully the neighbours don’t catch them in the middle of their degenerate homosexual sex acts! The good-looking, clean-shaven guy gets on his knees and sucks his daddy’s weiner, looking up into his eyes as if for approval – am I mouthing the weiner right, daddy

Post Thumbnail of Cornello, Bindel
22 November 2015 GAY PORN

If wild gay porn movies like this were to be believed, all you have to do to find yourself a submissive cocksucker is take a walk down to your local bush! A Caucasian man meets a shaven headed Latino dude, who gets down on his knees and starts mouthing the weiner.

Post Thumbnail of Pedro Vasquez, Hunter J.
22 November 2015 GAY PORN

In this excellent outdoor gay sex movie, two extremely good-looking men have some oral and backdoor sex in the forest. Muscular dude Hunter has got himself a Latino toy boy called Pedro. The mans jizz together in a clearing, fingering their incredible bodies together

Post Thumbnail of Eros Michelini, Valerio Conte
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

This custodian was turned on by watching some guys fuck on the terrace that when he saw his coworker in the locker room, he couldn’t help but whip out his cock to have some fun. Even though the boss could have come in at any moment, these two still ran the risk to have some hot sex

Post Thumbnail of Eros Michelini, Luca Milani
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

This guy let himself inside when no one answered the doorbell, and met some guy inside who didn’t know if he could sign for the package or not that he had to deliver. This guy was pretty intrigued by the package delivery guy, so while he called up the recipient, he helped himself to some kissing and groping

Post Thumbnail of Corey Scott, Christian Scott
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like gay dudes don’t want to wait until they get back to the bedroom. Corey Scott and Christian Scott, who aren’t related regardless of their last name, start in on each other right on the couch

Post Thumbnail of Tony Brendon, Sal Antonio
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

Tony Brendon and Sal Antonio are not the type of guys that you would suspect being gay – and that’s what makes them even hotter. I love watching the way they tenderly caress each other, working off their jeans a bit at a time

Post Thumbnail of Chris Stone, Casey O'Brian
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

I don’t know what it is, but these guys really get into each other no matter where they are.

Post Thumbnail of Eric DiGiorgio, Scott Nails
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

These two football studs end up getting naked on the couch one day after practice. One guy is younger and a bit shy, not really sure of his homosexuality yet. The other guy, a bit older and a bit more dominant, leads his younger companion through his first anal experience.

Post Thumbnail of Marcel Manigati, Jozef Cernan, Vladislav Juracka
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

There are hot bodies aplenty in this excellent young gay threesome. It begins with three dudes in a lavish living room, one sitting on a chair while the other two stand on either side. The seated man is obviously at the bottom of the ladder, blowing the two men for quite a while until they deign to bend down and give his cock a little suck.

Post Thumbnail of Roman Senko, Radek Luzar
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

A couple of horny gays are relaxing in the jacuzzi when things get out of hand. Their passions inflamed by the warm water, they begin to kiss and then one guy drops to his knees, eagerly licking and sucking his buddy’s erect penis. He pays special attention to the balls as well! Then the cocksucker gets bent over while his buddy spits on his butt, sticking two fingers inside at once to stretch it out

Post Thumbnail of Billy Gascon, Jason Desjardin
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

Billy Cascon met Jason Desjardin online. The guys had chatted for a few weeks then decided to get together one night.

Post Thumbnail of Suny Tessier, Mischa Viaeu
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

Sunny Tessier was out for a walk in the park. He saw Mischa Viaeu following him so he led him to a secluded place. They talked for a minutes then went back to Suny’s place

Post Thumbnail of Alexandre Pleintemps, Alexi Ferron
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

This sex starved guy is complaining to one of his buddies about the fact that he can’t get any cock. Lucky for him, his friend is hooked up on an Internet dating service, and in a flash they have found a suitable fuck buddy for the cock hungry dude.

Post Thumbnail of Titan, Vincent DeMarco, Tyler Morgan
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

It’s a scorching afternoon in the sun, and to escape the heat these three horny gay guys retreat to the living room for a steamy afternoon fuck and suck threesome. It’s straight into the action as the guys kiss one another and then take turns sucking each others’ dribbling cocks. One of the guys, with short brown hair, turns out to be a real anal fuck slut, begging the other guys to hammer his tight rear end.

Post Thumbnail of Chris Collins, Titan
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

This cute young twink loves to suck dick! The clip begins with a blond dude going down on his more muscular boyfriend, who is wearing sunglasses – perhaps he wants to maintain his anonymity; perhaps he is even married! The blond cocksucker really gets into it, making himself gag without any encouragement on the man’s penis. His eyes start to water and he goes red in the face as he chokes on the cock

Post Thumbnail of Karl Thomas, Cory Hunter
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

This horny young cocksucker is pleasantly surprised when the captain of the football team pays him a surprise visit at home. Ostensibly, the jock wants to study, but this observant queer realises that the guy really just wants his dick sucked! Soon the guys are kissing and the geek is going down on his more muscular partner. He sucks that dick good, in the way that only a horny young twink can

Post Thumbnail of Tanner Reeves, Hank Hightower
13 November 2015 GAY PORN

Two sexy gay men are making out on the couch, one is already naked and easy access for the tall dark and brooding man. He leans over and wraps his lips around the head and slides them down the shaft taking it all the way down his throat. In the sixty nine positions the each devour the others boner slobbering all over them

Post Thumbnail of Tanner Reeves, Cort Stevens, Scott Baldwin, Coy Dekker
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

All three of the guys in this hot gay orgy are fucking delicious! We see a blond guy with a muscular chest lying on the couch, arching his back in ecstasy as two brunette dudes in blue jeans suck his cock. You can’t beat the attention these two cocksuckers are paying to this shaft – they polish the pole simultaneously with their tongues, and then one guy tickles the balls while the other fellates the head. The guys swap around several times, tasting each others’ dicks and asses.

Post Thumbnail of Anthony Colt, Tanner Reeves, Coy Dekker
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

Two sexy twinks are making out on the couch running their hands all over their smooth tanned skin. The tall dark haired stud pushes the blond on his back so he can work his lips all the way down his chest and into his pants. He takes his member into his warm wet mouth sucking it until it grows hard and thick making him gag in the back of his throat.

Post Thumbnail of Shawn Adams, Marco Rossi
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

It’s closing time, and only the dregs are left at the bar. Just about everyone else has already hooked up with a man for the night or gone home.

Post Thumbnail of Billy, Shawn Adams, Marco Rossi, Eric Evans
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

One of the great things about working at a gay bar is that you meet lots of hot young men. In this clip, two guys, a younger blond guy and an older, balding man, decide to go home with each other after closing time. The house is surprisingly feminine, with a lace tablecloth, but the action is 100% man! At first there is hot and sloppy oral sex both ways

Post Thumbnail of Keith Blade, Ralph
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

This awesome gay sex scene begins with good looking bucks Keith and Ralph kissing each other on the bed. Both guys strip down to their underpants, rubbing their hard pricks together until the cotton of their y-fronts is stained with precum. Next the dicks come out and the oral goes both ways in a cock sucking extravaganza.

Post Thumbnail of Andre Cardinal, Daniel Ranger, Guy Reed, Ben Hardy
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

This clip begins with a good-looking guy soaping himself up in the showers. Another man, attracted by the sight of those tight buns in those swimming trunks, approaches him, cupping his cock and balls and getting down on his knees for some oral sex. Soon the first man is getting a hardcore ass fucking, bent over at the waist with his butt full of cock.

Post Thumbnail of Mark Richard, Mitch Levec
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

Hockey player Mark Richard is called into coach Mitch Levec’s office for a pep talk. Mark is under a lot of pressure, and Mitch wants to help him blow off some steam. Mark starts to rub his hardening cock through his pants, and Mitch drops to his knees in front of him to blow him.

Post Thumbnail of Claude, Daniel Ranger
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

After a vigorous and physical ice hockey practice, the guys hit the showers. Soon everyone has left except the shy, new member of the team, who takes longer than the rest of the guys to get changed. He is a bit shy – he’s ashamed of his penis size, and is also scared that he might get an erection around all of those good-looking guys in the locker room! He is squatting half naked in the corner when the star of the team walks in, placing a paternal hand on his shoulder.

Post Thumbnail of Andre Cardinal, Carl Erik
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

Andre Cardinal and Carl Erik are the gay hotties starring in this hockey themed gay fuck fest. Usually you’ll see baseball, football, or soccer shown in sports fetish videos, but not today

Post Thumbnail of Dean Vickard, Ashton Russ
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

It just so happens that Dean Vickard and Ashton Russ are both dying to wrap their lips around a nice hard cock, and pump an ass full of cum. What a coincidence that they’re sharing the same room right now, Dean already has his cock out and strokes it until it’s stiff as a tree trunk. Hung butt-fucker extraordinaire Ashton Russ joins him and these two male sluts trade a hot warm blowjobs before it’s time to treat the other guy’s ass like a dartboard and pump away with their huge cocks

Post Thumbnail of Craig Langtry, Prince Shepley
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

Two hot and handsome hunks can’t seem to take their eyes off of one another and can tell by their growing dicks exactly what they have on their mind.

Post Thumbnail of Shawn Richards, Will Harris
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

Shawn Richards is used to men hitting on him all the time while he’s bartending.

Post Thumbnail of Martin Andrews, Carl McQueen
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

You could just watch big dicked hunk Martin Andrews was himself down in the shower all day, but lucky for him he’s joined by another huge cocked stud in Carl McQueen.

Post Thumbnail of Rocky Summers, Luke Murphy
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

What can be sexier than two gay studs getting it on in a weight room? Not much, especially when it involves Rocky Summers and Luke Murphy who are two hot muscular men with a mouth hungry for eating dick. One of them lays down to lift some weights, but soon his spotter can’t resist bending down to the ground to suck his prick until it’s rock hard.

Post Thumbnail of Antonio Parenti, Eros Michelini, Leo Cimmino, Luca Milani, Max Costello
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

Cruising the back roads of Italian highways for a hot hung stud, these hunks find what they’re looking for and it involves sucking and fucking each other’s big hard cocks. Adam July, Enrico Ferrari, Eros Michelini, Leo Cimmino, and Luca Milani are all incredibly hot studs with huge packages that need a warm mouth and tight ass to fill up. Lots of teasing and ass-play abound in this hot gay fuckfest as they suck, jerk, fuck, and deepthroat each other into a state of euphoria before pumping hot loads out of their stiff cocks in this one

Post Thumbnail of Denis Pisa, Sebastiano Castello
12 November 2015 GAY PORN

These guys are definitely not dressed to be working in such a high hazard area! Oh wait, it’s because these two hot guys are looking to do some work on each other instead of the building, rubbing each other’s naked bodies down with their hands and their lips to get one another hard.

Post Thumbnail of Davide Maltese, Enrico Roversi
11 November 2015 GAY PORN

Construction workers are notorious for having hot bodies and working hard, but did you know that they happen to admire each other as well? That’s why it’s easy for these two guys to start fondling each other once they get some time alone. Their lips and tongues meet one another, and then their pieces come out to have some fun

Post Thumbnail of Akos, Istvan Gabor
11 November 2015 GAY PORN

The shower is always a fun place to find your stud of choice – and Akos is making sure to get plenty of bang for his buck out of this bath. He starts off just working the shower head up and down, getting himself nice and wet

Post Thumbnail of Attila Robert, Robert
11 November 2015 GAY PORN

It only takes one walk together to convince Attila Robert and Robert that they should think about putting their studly cocks together. They both have rather impressive dicks, so it makes sense that they would go wild for each other. They get back to the house, and after a few minutes of sitting together they end up stripping each other down to nothing.

Post Thumbnail of Tamas, Istvan
11 November 2015 GAY PORN

There’s nothing sexier than a real man hard at work at manual labour. This good-looking farmer has his top off while he toils away in the midday sun

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