Post Thumbnail of Tim Ecco 2
18 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Sexy Time Ecco is back for more! Watch as jerks off his massive dick and cums all over himself for your viewing pleasure! Studio: Series: Tim Ecco Starring: Tim Ecco

Post Thumbnail of Bare Boy Band
17 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Isn’t it just what we suspected already? The members of boy-bands are all gay! At long last, a movie that shows what happens backstage and in the apartments of the band’s members

Post Thumbnail of Cum Together 2
16 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Young great looking guys in amazing sexual action.

Post Thumbnail of A Cock-Loving Threesome
16 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

OK, with hindsight, perhaps I should have called this film the sucka/fuckathon! Sure, Leo M and Tim really had a great session together back in December, but add the “magic” of Mike to the scene and things just naturally get a whole lot more fun! Oh yes, right from the start it’s clear Mike’s meat is going to be the centre of attention… and very deservedly so! It’s hard to put your finger on why Mike’s cock is just so delicious…

Post Thumbnail of Hot as fuck!
16 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Spencer Reed and Mike Dreyden are two hot dudes who you can imagine on the cover of a males magazine.

Post Thumbnail of Fuck-U-Bare
15 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Check out the latest from Foerster Media, Fuck-U-Bare! Featuring the hottest guys in action from Germany! Studio: Foerster Media Starring: Andre Christian (m) Malte Zaho Romualdo Samuel Florian Fabien

Post Thumbnail of Bi Teens 7
15 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Check out the latest from Tino Media, Bi Teens 7! Featuring the hottest action from Germany! Studio: Tino Media Series: Bi Teens

Post Thumbnail of Jacen Has A Big Fat Dick
6 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Just looking at Jacen Zhu is enough to make one salivate. His ripped body and big cock is the stuff of dreams.

Post Thumbnail of BBC Obsession
5 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Dylan Henri welcomes Bam Bam to his lair and fucks him wearing leather boots.

Post Thumbnail of Beach Boy Fuckers
5 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Hey Guys, here is a special video to keep you all hot and bothered when things get cold outside. In this seriously HOT, RAW, aggressive beach fuck video, we hang out with our Frat Boy Bradley. He came to visit us in Cape Cod while we were there last summer

Post Thumbnail of Well Dressed Bears
4 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Business just got personal! These 11 sexy bears sure clean up well but their natural instincts get the better of them as they paw and lick their mates into orgasmic release! Studio: Bear Films Starring: Joey McClain

Post Thumbnail of Builders’ creamy break
1 September 2017 GAY VIDEOS

After “Builders work on their client’s ass” here is another horny video with two uninhibited builders…They start playing in front of their client, turning him on big time! He has to stop watching and must be part of the action.

Post Thumbnail of Tied Up and Anal Fucked Doggy Style
12 August 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Like things a bit rough? Enjoy watching guys explore their gay sex fantasies? Check out these two! Cute young twink is handcuffed and then bent over and takes it up the ass doggy style.

Post Thumbnail of Brothers Oli and Jay Enjoy Having a Play Together!
7 August 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Brothers Jay and Oli, now since we introduced both lads onto the site many of you wanted to see them together; so much persuasion later we bring these young hunks together and how much fun can brothers have! It is all quite calm and normal at the beginning, the usual cheeky banter and performing but once down to the boxers the excitement shows! Both lads have raging hard ones making a massive bulge in their boxers. Boxers off and the brothers are stood in front of me, standing to attention, occasional glances and nervous smiles as they both grab and decide to have a little wank! From the minute the lads are naked they have a lot of fun, teasing each other and not afraid to check each other out. Lots of wanking later and the lads shoot cum Jay covering himself and Oli a little gentler! Wow I think they both enjoyed that a little too much! Click here to see the shoot

Post Thumbnail of Young muscles!
5 August 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Two young males for a sensual fuck under a shower’s hot running water.

Post Thumbnail of Guys With Big Dicks
4 August 2017 GAY VIDEOS

This is a compilation that showcases some great looking guys who also happen to have some great looking dicks. 9” Dicked Luke Desmond leads the way and is accompanied by the 10” Tony Loo and former Bel Ami star Carl Ross. Britain’s Tony Parker and Skyler Blu are also on display and are seen roaming around covered in oil before Parker finally plunges his large hard dick into Skylers waiting bubble butt arse! And Czech bodybuilder Jack Black shows how far a cum shot really can travel in a solo.

Post Thumbnail of My Big Fucking Dick: Trevor Knight
26 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Trevor Knight’s massive meat is the star in these six jaw dropping, hot scenes! Studio: Falcon Studios Falcon Studios Group Series: My Big Fucking Dick Director: Steven Scarborough John Bruno Tony DiMarco Christian Owen Starring: Trevor Knight Ross Stuart Cole Ryan Conner O’Reily Jackson Wild Dillon Crow Shane Frost Kai Ford Cole Streets Spencer Reed Jake Woods Cavin Knight Shay Michaels Preston Steel Cameron Foster

Post Thumbnail of The Hookup 5
26 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Aspen and Billy Santoro – A naked, sleeping lover is an opportunity that should never be passed up. Rylan Know & Ryan TylerXXX – There’s one sure way to get a man to stop playing with his phone; suck his dick! Scottie McWilliams & Kayden Winters – Two twinks with nothing much to do except each other. Dylan Knight & Peter Fields – This handyman has quite a handy ass, and all the right tools! Studio: Man Royale Series: The Hookup Starring: Billy Santoro Dylan Knight Rylan Knox Ryan Tylerx Kayden Winters Aspen (m) Peter Fields Scottie McWilliams

Post Thumbnail of Michael Troy V. Jose Ganetti
24 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

The video starts with two cute Wrestlehard Adonis stripping for each other wearing only tight jeans and tanktops. Referee Attila, our handsome photographer, lifts up Jose’s hand at the end and this makes the newcomer wrestler, Michael, very upset. He starts to yell and pushes out Attila from the ring and attacks the winner,Jose

Post Thumbnail of Time Cops
24 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Face paced hardcore action dominates this erotic adventure through time and space as hot, hung and horny cops from the present take on the meanest, nastiest, naughtiest men from the past. Lots of asshole loving in this one, with fingering and fucking galore

Post Thumbnail of Boners, Thugs And Thuggery
20 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

In this second movie release, Eric takes you on a sexual fantasy adventure where straying into an alley, getting grabbed by a gang of thugs and banged senseless is just the start. Getting subdued by hot studs with huge cocks and plowed with no mercy, par for the course. Head down, ass up..

Post Thumbnail of Oodles Of Nudles
19 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

These guys know how to slurp up a cock. You won’t want to miss these hot guys in action! Studio:

Post Thumbnail of Young Asian 5: Masturbation Of A.J's
19 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Check out the latest series from Academic, Young Asian 5! The next installment features some of the hottest guys in action from Japan! Studio: Academic LLC Series: Young Asian Starring: A.J.

Post Thumbnail of Flip Flop Fuck
19 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Jakob saw Vlad leaving my place from a video shoot and stopped to chat with him. The next day I got a call from Jakob asking me to arrange a shoot with Vlad. Vlad was thrilled he had a fan and of course accepted the shoot.

Post Thumbnail of Nate
19 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

I was down by the beach recently when blond-haired, blue-eyed Nate caught my eye. He was putting his surfboard into the back of his car, still dripping in seawater and, through his skin tight wetsuit, I could tell he had a tight bod and decided to give him the “How’d-ya-like-to-do-porn?” line

Post Thumbnail of First Contact 99
19 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Jakob Back For More: You will remember Jakob from some time ago when he came in to do the massage scene. I said then that I thought he would be back to explore more and it seems my prediction was correct. This time around we get into some hot ass play and rimming.

16 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Four super-hot boys in action for the fans of smooth Twinks, defined bodies and young juicy cocks. Watch them pull their meat and hump each other! They might be young but they know how to fuck!

Post Thumbnail of Get Together
16 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Get Together is wild romp of lust and sex that gives you everything you want – an amorous duo that resembles loves young dream as these young men tease and titillate with a knowing bob of the head and an ass invitation that won’t be turned down. A terrifically filthy threeway which sees these boys making a daisy chain so that no-one misses out on any of the sexual action.

Post Thumbnail of Hot Summers
12 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Whenever warm weather rolls in, we noticeably get hot, horny and ready for action. This crop of hung beautiful guys is just that. Cory Kane and Ashton Summers lead a group of big-dicked boys just itching to pound every hole they can.

Post Thumbnail of Male Beauties
10 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

The male physique is a thing of sheer beauty and the specimens here are absolutely divine! Handsome faces, sculptured torsos, defined abs – and that’s just the beginning, the size of their cocks and their adorable asses will make you want to strip down and dive straight in! These tasty morsels of manliness are more than just attractive – they are Male Beauties and their new lovers can’t wait to feel, taste and rain down adoration on the toned bodies and massive dicks that present themselves! Ten sexual athletes face off in two hours of pure energy as they pay homage to each other’s chiseled bodies, suckable dicks and totally fuckable asses! Studio: Men 1st Starring: Harley Everett Diesel O’Green JP Hawkes Ulysses Michel Rudin Santiago Antonio Garcia Peto Coast Christian Matthews Dolan Wolf

Post Thumbnail of Boynapped 61: Sean Taylor: Sadistic Tormentor
8 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Sean Taylor knows how to use a twink the right way. Our experienced chav lad loves nothing more than owning a boys hard cock, slamming his tight little arse and teaching some of the newest hotties how things are done in the dungeon. Whether he’s flogging a boy into submission, wanking and sucking their cock to a blasting climax, or diving right in to slam their innocent holes with his big uncut piece of meat, Sean never wastes an opportunity.

Post Thumbnail of Big Poles
6 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Bigger is better and these handsome men are looking forward to getting to grips with the Big Poles on offer! Clothes are soon discarded and, charged with testosterone, these sexual champions work their way over every inch of the muscled flesh, coming to a stop at the meaty muscle that aches to be gripped and sucked. Like a viper, tongues dart along the shaft from base to tip and back again, leaving a glistening trail of saliva before attentions are turned to toned asses.

Post Thumbnail of My XL Fuck Fantasy
6 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Mr Cali has been hot for XL for quite some time (but who hasn’t?).

Post Thumbnail of Ripped Recruits 3
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Ripped Recruits 3 has four scenes total — two hard core scenes and two solos. And, you fans of Jake will love the movie, as he features in two of its scenes: one where he tops Sebastian, and a second where he bottoms for Tanner.

Post Thumbnail of Bareback Base Camp
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

If you are fans of our guest director Mike, you are in luck. Our latest is Bareback Base Camp, and it features two hard core scenes with Grant (one where he fucks Marty, and one where he tops Bryce), and then solos with Ryan and Jessie. Check it out! Studio: Active Duty Director: Dink Flamingo Starring: Bryce Grant Mike * Ryan * Marty Jessie

Post Thumbnail of Rob Rodin's Amateur Bareback
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Masked Top Rob Rodin is famous for his amateur bareback parties, that’s why they call him the Load Master. This video is a compilation of four different parties that Rob held in Louisville KY, and stars everyday, regular guys that turn into sex pigs when you put a raw hot hole in front of them. Studio: Dick Wadd The Load Masters Director: Rob Rodin Starring: Rob Rodin Dee (m) Aiden Krew Kev Steller Widen Daddy Donner Sir Rick Damien Drake

Post Thumbnail of Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Rudolf Schneider
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Rudolf Schneider is a bodybuilder from Prague who loves showing off his massive physique. As he flexes his upper body muscles, those enormous shoulders and biceps look like they’re about to burst through his T-shirt

Post Thumbnail of Bareback Sexplosion
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Check out this explosive new footage from Tino Media! Featuring the hottest German guys in bareback action! Studio: Tino Media

Post Thumbnail of Bareback Sexplosion
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Check out this explosive new footage from Tino Media! Featuring the hottest German guys in bareback action! Studio: Tino Media

Post Thumbnail of Black Cock White Sucker 3
1 July 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Big dick ebony stud Billy Long is so hot the other black dudes are practically knocking at his door to get his pants off.

Post Thumbnail of Vincent Williams - Vincent Williams
27 June 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Vincent Williams is a muscle bound stud from Phoenix, here to heat things up with a fiery solo.

Post Thumbnail of My Horny Brother In Law 29
27 June 2017 GAY VIDEOS

A hot scene with two guys and their huge dicks. We fuck our hairy holes and make lots of cum

Post Thumbnail of My Horny Brother In Law 29
27 June 2017 GAY VIDEOS

A hot scene with two guys and their huge dicks. We fuck our hairy holes and make lots of cum. Studio: Ch

Post Thumbnail of Fucking The Bros
27 June 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Porn star KeptSecret is stretching booty holes, rimming booty,and shooting large loads of cum in the mouths of his black homeboys. Fucking all over the house, stairs, kitchen, bedroom…

Post Thumbnail of BONUS VIDEO of Jamie Tate's Photo Shoot
27 June 2017 GAY VIDEOS

Jamie is a mate of one of our other models and the two of them came along to his shoot! There is a real naughtiness about these two; they both have wanked off in front of my camera and neither has told their family or friends; secrets, I guess, the world would be duller without them! Jamie slowly and very teasily strips down to his boxers and its not til his boxers come off that his mate decides to leave! There has been a great show and Jamie is as relaxed in his clothes as butt naked. Though he looks great naked, and his uncut meat flops around as he plays, though it is soon not able to flop as it sticks up rock solid and not able to flop! Jamie is great at showing off his body, even volunteering to pull his cheeks apart, there is no stopping this lad though luckily there is no need as he lies back and dumps a nice big load on his abs! Click here to see the shoot

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