Post Thumbnail of Vic Black, Dominic
31 October 2015 GAY PORN

I think there comes a time in every gay guy’s life that makes then crave chocolate penis. Vic Ebony is more than happy to show Dominic his shlong.

Post Thumbnail of Art Gallery Fucking
20 October 2015 GAY PORN

Description: What a day, what a day! lol that saying is an understatement at this moment. Today we have the homie Beau chilling out with me and he wants me to hook him up with some fellas from the M.I.A, so what the hell..

Post Thumbnail of Out And About!
15 October 2015 GAY PORN

Description: In this week’s Out in Public I’m chilling with the homie Jimmie Coxxx. He’s out to get some ass and I’m here to help him out in his quest

Post Thumbnail of Horny muscle stud threesome sucks and fucks
7 October 2015 MUSCLE HUNKS

All three of these muscle studs were getting a mouthful of cock, and they must have been loud, because it woke up this dude. I guess four was a crowd, so he went back to bed while these guys moved on to a stiff ass fucking

Post Thumbnail of Ivan Plop, Lukas Roubicek
28 September 2015 GAY PORN

A bunch of athletic gay studs are out on a diving and fishing trip.

Post Thumbnail of Ross Offspring, Dustin Harrison, Lawrence Cyders
28 September 2015 GAY PORN

The poolside seems to heat up with boys as these two horny guys spend the day sharing some beef in the sun while another dude watches. As that fine ass gets tooled the nasty peeping tom comes over to add his cock to the mix.

Post Thumbnail of Lewd slender twink boy bursts with nice-looking sticky semen
16 September 2015 TWINK BOYS

If you like lewd twink twinks that can’t live without sex even a day you mustn’t miss this absolutely lecherous blond slim twink.

10 September 2015 GAY VIDEOS

Tyron Bang is a new model who’s gonna make a big impression! He likes to service anonymous hung males wearing a hood. He doesn’t care what the dude looks like as long as he can suck on a huge cock. All he wants is to be impaled on massive dicks and fucked hard! Check him out in action in the staircase of the building where he lives

7 September 2015 GAY VIDEOS

Some guys have all the luck! Like this dude who’s neighbor is a real exhibitionist.

Post Thumbnail of First Timers Always Take The Cock!
4 September 2015 TWINK BOYS

Description: Hey guys, so this week I have a hott piece of ass in for an audition.

Post Thumbnail of Dumpster Diving 101
24 August 2015 GAY PORN

Description: OK, so this week, I’m out with my homeboy Jessie Lee, and we are on a mission to get him laid.

12 August 2015 ARABIC GAYS

It’s really hot back home during summer time.

Post Thumbnail of G:Hole 2
10 August 2015 GAY VIDEOS

A Glory Hole is a private, great way to get super nervous straight guys to at least get their dick sucked by another dude. Don’t miss the second installment in the G:Hole series! Studio: Chaosmen Series: G:Hole Starring: Ransom Kristopher Booker Franklin Markham Beck (m) Gavin Sevin Haigen Eli Micah Glenn Bishop (m) Jet Johannes Darrell

Post Thumbnail of Window Shopping Fucking!
28 July 2015 GAY PORN

Description: in this weeks out in public update….we are out minding our own business and my boy is def horny so i had to hook this boy with some type of ass…so were down the street and my boy spotted this guy and right we run up to this dude and righrt away told him what we were about and not for nothing but he wasnt scared at all and took on the opportunity and the rest as you all history! lol my boy pounded that ass like there is no tomorrow. well u be the judge lol…STAY TUNED!

19 July 2015 LATINO GAYS

We present you Fabian Barba, a latino Adonis whose middle name is PERFECTION! This dude is about to drive you crazy as he uncovers his amazing body. Follow the line of his chest, down to his ripped abs…further down is something you will want to lick, suck and play with… the juiciest cock ever!

Post Thumbnail of Fucked hard in a cell
17 July 2015 GAY VIDEOS

Here is a naughty soldier who finds himself locked up for insubordination. In the cell with him, is a horny motherfucker. He is massive and his cock and balls match his amazing body! He wants the dude’s ass and he’s gonna take it!

Post Thumbnail of Hung like a horse and horny as fuck
11 June 2015 LATINO GAYS

Ulises Cuen is a cute little latino dude, smooth and tattooed.

Post Thumbnail of Riu’s ass in on fire
22 May 2015 LATINO GAYS

Riu Melo can’t get enough cock.

Post Thumbnail of A COCK IN YOUR MOUTH NOW
17 May 2015 GAY FETISH

Luc is familiar with all the suburb trains. He knows that during the summer break the back of the train is always near empty. When he is horny, he waits patiently until he spots another dude with a suitable mouth…Then he gets up and shove his cock down the dude’s throat without hesitation.

Post Thumbnail of BAD BOYS, WHAT’YA GONNA DO?
17 April 2015 GAY VIDEOS

Two young dudes have parked their caravan in an illegal space. A hot police officer passing by decides to teach them a lesson

Post Thumbnail of Straight Bait Gets A Blowjob
20 March 2015 GAY PORN

Description: So today my friends, I met up with a dude named Seth who when I spoke to him was real excited about going to my famous Glory hole, lol. When I met up with him he looked a little nervous but really ready to go to do this

Post Thumbnail of Gay Guy Blows The Straight Dude
20 March 2015 GAY PORN

Description: Today I met up with a dude I met threw some friends and told him all about this girl who sucks cock at this sex store. So he was really fucking eager to meet up asap. So when I got there and met him I filled him in on everything especially about the famous glory hole.

Post Thumbnail of Straight Milosh...Simply divine.
16 March 2015 ARABIC GAYS

There is only one word to describe Milosh: Magnificent! From head to toes, the dude is simply amazingly hot! He might be straight but he knows what he’s got. “Guys get hard when they see me, I can see how they check me out on the street.” He loves showing off his perfect body and his thick straight cock

Post Thumbnail of Unexpected cock-sucker
4 March 2015 GAY VIDEOS

In one of the corridors of the building where he lives, Brice thought it would be safe enough to treat himself to a wank.

2 March 2015 GAY VIDEOS

Med likes masculine, butch and muscular guys.

Post Thumbnail of Sex-starving boys
9 February 2015 GAY VIDEOS

Here are two hot guys who are not shy and go straight to the point. When the passive starts sucking his buddy’s dick, he looks like he hasn’t had cock for weeks! When the top starts riding his hot ass, it looks like the dude has been sex-starved for months! Watch them now!

Post Thumbnail of Tim Baker, Sean Hunter
25 January 2015 TWINK BOYS

College dorms are a common place for guys to have their first experience with another dude. You are both young, hot and horny as hell so on a weeknight during a study break without anyone else around it’s only natural to seek some release from your roommate

Post Thumbnail of BOMBER’S
23 January 2015 GAY VIDEOS

No introduction needed for Jean Noêl René Clair, the King of Gay porn production.

19 January 2015 GAY FETISH

A pair of smelly feet to worship is what this little skinhead sub loves! He’s eating and licking the socks of a masculine top who’s comfortably installed in a couch. Quickly the dude grabs the boy’s head to direct him on his cock, fucking his mouth.

Post Thumbnail of SOLDiER ON LEAVE
18 January 2015 GAY FETISH

A hot dude climbs up a set of stairs. At the top of the staircase, a masculine marine awaits in uniform. In this fantasy set up, the sexy army dude takes off the top of his uniform revealing a muscular chest.

Post Thumbnail of IN THE HANDS OF JAWEL
17 January 2015 GAY VIDEOS

A brand new video with Jawel the now well-known Arab hotty! So many dudes are gonna be jealous of the guy who gets fucked by Jawel in a basement. The Arab stud starts slowly, showing sensuality.

Post Thumbnail of Mounir, our newest big cock!
16 January 2015 ARABIC GAYS

“When I got offered money to be filmed while pulling my cock I thought the dude was joking. I know that I look good and that guys and girls always check me out but I was surprised

10 January 2015 LATINO GAYS

A Latino army dude wearing combat trousers is so hot and sexy that he can have whoever he wants. Watch a little passive in the hands of the horny soldier. He obeys to the stud and satisfy his every sexual needs

Post Thumbnail of Karim’s cock is on fire
29 December 2014 ARABIC GAYS

“Wassup dudes! My name is Karim and I’m an horny Arab stud. I’m straight but I’ve got a taste for male cock-suckers. When the dude does a good job on my big cock, I fuck his ass to show m appreciation.

Post Thumbnail of Brian Strong and Anthony Somore
21 December 2014 GAY PORN

This city boy thought he was straight until he stumbled upon this dude jerking off bareback porn in the woods and it made him hard! Watch his gayporn first gay sex ever in this smokin’ hot episode!

Post Thumbnail of Naughty Twinks Gets His Wish And Have His Bung Drilled By His Crush
12 December 2014 TWINK BOYS

Andy has been imagining of getting passionate with his next door buddy Brandon. This sexy emo twink spends sleepless nights beating off his dick while imagining Brandon’s huge dick as it pumps in and out of his moist little bung ! Well, the days of imagining that is over, because Andy finally hooks up with Brandon..

Post Thumbnail of Anthony Somore and Brian Strong
29 November 2014 GAY PORN

This city boy thought he was straight until he stumbled upon this dude jerking off bareback porn in the woods and it made him hard! Watch his gayporn first gay sex ever in this smokin’ hot episode!

Post Thumbnail of Bareback Sex On The Golf Course
19 November 2014 GAY PORN

Description: In this weeks Out In Public update were out playing some golf my boy is showing me his skills and he is not too bad. We spot this buff dude checking my boy out and I can tell my friend was into the guy as well so what the hell we approached him and the dude was down with what we wanted to do right there and then they check each other out and went at it and believe me my boy gave him a hole in one.I hope you guys enjoy this update Stay tuned!

Post Thumbnail of Screaming For Joy!
3 November 2014 GAY PORN

Description: This site is no fucking joke. We brought in this dude Tony Douglas. Tony craves black dick

Post Thumbnail of Gay For Pay!
2 November 2014 GAY PORN

Description: in this weeks update of out in out with my buddy diego and he wants some ass, but he is being specific about it..he wants some muscles to go with it and as he said this muscle beast happens to walk right by us and i just jumped at the guy.. u know to see if i can finnagle something and the dude is really nice and he tells me right away that he is “straight” but as soon as i threw that cash at him he was singing another tune lol if you know what i mean!! let’s just say that this guy did wonders for my boy diegos confidence LMAO!

30 October 2014 GAY FETISH

Wassup bro? Check out this dude called Stephane. He’s wearing a tracksuit and baseball cap

Post Thumbnail of Naughty asian twink stud caressing himself
30 October 2014 TWINK BOYS

Do you like cute naughty asian twink boys? Then this stud is waiting for you! He likes to tease the world playing with himself on camera and it drives him mad to know that he can make you extremely horny! Just look as he passionately strokes his cock thinking of his gay lover.

Post Thumbnail of Sinful guy working out his fuck addicted penis
28 October 2014 TWINK BOYS

When the stud gets extremely fuck starved he doesn’t care if someone around is going to watch him masturbating. Actually, the dude even likes to know that he is being watched while he is stroking his ramrod intensively.

Post Thumbnail of Take this big fat cock boy!
18 October 2014 ARABIC GAYS

An Arab dude is smoking chicha and wants to share the moment with his brother’s friend.

Post Thumbnail of Edge 7
8 October 2014 GAY VIDEOS

The award winning series continues! Featuring 10 blindfolded, horny ChaosMen models sitting in a chair with their hands restrained. Watch them as they slowly get edged by another dude, cocks teased to near climax

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