Post Thumbnail of Pre-Workout Routine
24 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Brenden Steel and Dillon Anderson I like jacking off before the gym because, you know, reasons.

Post Thumbnail of Combustions
20 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee Damn! The chemistry Tanner Valentino and Sebastian Lee share is what’s require to produce one of the steamiest kisses I’ve seen on this site. I repeat, damn! These boys are so into each other they can barely separate long enough to remove their clothes. When they finally manage the task, Sebastian goes down on Tanner before inhaling his sweet dick

Post Thumbnail of Only The Best
18 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Jared Marzdon Fucks Zach Covington Jared Marzdon is back and is ready to get some ass from one of BSB’s best bottoms, Zach Covington. The boys get right to business, kissing hard before the cameras even start rolling.

Post Thumbnail of Getting Some of Jos’ Hot Hole
17 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Hunter Lopez and Jos Alvarez Today we have a couple of boys we haven’t seen in a while, Hunter Lopez and Jos Alvarez are back and ready to show us what they’ve got. They get going with a hot make out.  Jos loses his pants first and Hunter takes the hint, he goes down on him as he takes that sweet cock down to the hilt

Post Thumbnail of Mason Works up a Sweat with Andrew
17 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Mason Woods Fucks Shawn Andrews Mason Woods is new to BSB and although he’s nervous he’s ready and willing to get things started with Shawn Andrews!  The boys start by making out so that Mason can release some of those nerves. As they kiss they also slowly lose their clothes until both boys are almost naked and Shawn is on the ground sucking Mason’s cock and playing with his own ass, prepping it for what’s to come. When Mason’s dick is nice and slick, Shawn stands up, gets out of his jeans, and offers his ass to Mason, who eagerly slips his cock right inside

Post Thumbnail of After School Ass
16 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Jared Scott is hard at work after school hittin' the books when blond boy Bryce Foster notices he's ALSO been hittin' the gym and is looking super sexy! All it takes is a little light flirting from the adorable twink to make Jared's jock start jumping and soon enough, the boys are sucking face and ripping at each other's clothes. It's obvious Scott is in control, having stripped the pretty blond boy first so he can eat an after school snack of rock hard schlong

Post Thumbnail of Dickin' of the Sea
15 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Go on a romantic date with Blake Mitchell and Cole Claire at the aquarium. The porntastic pair get closer at every exhibit.

Post Thumbnail of “A” Game
14 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter Ryan Fields and Kyle Porter is a pairing the fans have been asking for. Well, we like to make dreams come true.

Post Thumbnail of Tree Huggers
10 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

After a fun filled day date complete with kisses in the park and tree climbing, Devin Lewis and Nicholas Romero head for home to explore their budding young sexuality. The barely legal lust bunnies lay some lovin' on one another's pink, pouty lips before Devin makes his way down south to taste Nicholas' naughty bits.

Post Thumbnail of Sunny Daze
9 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Chiseled young guys Cole Claire and Marcell Tykes are wrapped up in one another pretty heavy as sun streams through the windows highlighting their well worked out physiques. Marcell gets on his knees to get at Cole's throbbing cock which has been poking at him through his jeans

Post Thumbnail of Skinny Big Manhood Twink Fists His Own Rump
7 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Despite his youthful charm and skinny body, young buck Matt has got a surprisingly big dickhead that will make your mouth water! He is also not shy, stripping and showing an extremely toned body as he starts to masturbate. Some mans like to make bold eye contact with the camera, but instead Matt lies back and closes his eyes, fantasizing as he strokes his long prick from the base to tip. Then he lifts his ankles up around his ears, spreading his booty cheeks and virtually fisting himself with one hand will he continues to pump his pecker with the other

Post Thumbnail of Sexy tattooed twink roughly stroking his penis
7 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Guess how does this pretty tattooed bald-headed twink fellow have fun? Yes, exactly! He likes to watch gay porn video and always imagines himself as the one of those gay twinks that get vigorously sucked and fucked on a video.

Post Thumbnail of Introducing Preston Hale
6 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Get to know our super sexy newbie Preston Hale as Cameron Parks chats up the Chicago native.

Post Thumbnail of First Time Flashback: Aiden Garcia
4 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

Take a sexed up walk down memory lane with Aiden Garcia as he describes (in deliciously dirty detail) his first time with a guy back in high school. He walks us through his relationship with a high school hottie who was sort of a bully, the kind of guy who teases you when what he really wants is a blowjob.

Post Thumbnail of Body Heat
1 February 2018 TWINK BOYS

North Carolina native Landon Vega is flirting with hot blooded Angel Rivera from Texas, chatting about snow and the weather all the while inching closer towards one another. Rivera's game is on and the latin lust bunny takes the bait saying, “you look like you could use some warming up” and invites Vega to his place. The heat is on the moment these two hot latins connect, pulling at each other's clothes and playing a tasty game of tonsil hockey

Post Thumbnail of Smooth Moves
31 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

David Rhodes and Bryce Foster are feelin' frisky at the beach playing a lil' game of “hand slap” – or more like- using any excuse to touch one another as there is obvious electricity in the air. After winning, blond boy Bryce plants a kiss on tall, dark and handsome David as the two head for home

Post Thumbnail of Raunchy Romance
30 January 2018 TWINK BOYS
Post Thumbnail of Brand New Toy!
28 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Introducing Ashton Taylor We’ve got a real treat for you.

Post Thumbnail of Boy Bang
26 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

There's an expression “youth is wasted on the young.” That's definitely not true for tasty young niblets Jamie Ray and Tristan Adler who enjoy every fresh, supple, succulent inch of one another's massive young manhood. This is a cock filled celebration of living life to the fullest till you're STUFFED to capacity in an amazingly hot anal encounter! Breathing in one another's raging hormones from the start with a make out session that'll get you horned up and pointing due north, Tristan slowly strips Jamie out of his jeans and goes down for a dick inspection the turns into a tornado of a torpedo tongue twirler. Our brunette bad boy doesn't leave out Ray's beautifully smooth cream filled balls, giving them gorgeous, gulping attention.

Post Thumbnail of Gymnasts
25 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Pretty blond newbie Preston Hale is a tasty, talented, teenaged gymnast. The thought of a beautiful blond boy who's flexible as fuck is DEFINITELY appealing to Corbin Colby. The guys play around at the park as Preston literally does backflips piquing colossal-cocked Corbin's interest

Post Thumbnail of Tweeting Twinks
24 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

We all know it's hard to get a millennial off their phone, but when big dicked Devin Lewis snuggles up behind a tweeting Adam Hunt he puts that phone down in a second! Thankful he's getting more attention than Adam's legion of followers, he sucks the blond's big boner with a slurping, hot sensuality. He looks into the towhead's too cute face and gobbles on that gigantic knob, working a wet handy in there while he's at it

Post Thumbnail of Give It To Him
21 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Brad Banks Fucks Tanner Valentino It’s all quiet on the set save for the lip-smacking going on between Brad Banks and Tanner Valentino. They don’t need to say shit, they know what they’re here for.

Post Thumbnail of 2 for 1
21 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Two innocent looking, beautiful twinks with EPIC asses have been very, very bad. Cole Claire along with new boy and jock strapped kink lover Angel Rivera are in desperate need of pleasurable punishment

Post Thumbnail of Skinny Twink Needs A Large Meatstick In His Anus
20 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

This is an amazing pair of surprisingly large manhoods right here! Gorgeous young mans Rodger and Kenny are washing an SUV on a boiling hot day; the sun beats down on their toned bodies, inflaming their sexual passions.

Post Thumbnail of White Twink Requires Big Ebony Gym Weiner
20 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Skinny twink Nick is working out on the weights, struggling under what is for him a heavy load. Just at the right moment, well muscled, confident ebony guy Black Mamba enters the vid, giving Nick some precious encouragement and instantly make him fall in lust. After the work out, the guys read some magazines in the break room, with Nick making his move, throwing himself at the surprised dark man.

Post Thumbnail of Big Manhood Euro Dudes Getting Gay
20 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Seth Dickens and Ryan Scott are two Euro gay mans that are packing some rather impressive peckers in their pants. The scene starts off with some very impressive dick sucking – it’s not flashy or fast, but it’s good old solid slurping that will make you require to cream in your pants right there and then

Post Thumbnail of Putting Miles on Jared’s Hole
15 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Jared Marzdon and Miles Taylor Jared Marzdon doesn’t need much encouragement to get him started as he leans in to kiss and lick Miles Taylor’s neck, making him horny as they undress and have some fun with each other.  After Miles works Jared’s hard dick with his mouth and those big dick-sucking lips, Jared takes his turn on Miles’s juicy meat. He sucks and deep throats his fat prick and balls before turning over and offering that ass to Miles’s long shaft.

Post Thumbnail of Performance Report
15 January 2018 TWINK BOYS
Post Thumbnail of College Guy Rams Hefty Dildo Up His Butt
14 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Young college man Kirk Kelley might appear straight to his friends, but get him alone in front of a webcam and he’ll show you all of his nasty tricks with his favorite dildo! The dude strips and shows an almost hairless body – that is, apart from the thick pubic hair around his thick dick! He pumps himself to a full erection, and he is definitely a grower – just look at how that prick doubles in size! However, it’s the anal masturbation that is the highlight of this solo episode, with Kirk plugging himself with his fingers and then an extremely oversize dick and balls sex toy. He manages to ram the entire thing all the way up his ass!

Post Thumbnail of Sexy Little Man With A Great Jumbo Cock
14 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

What the hell is up with these nano studs with big weiners? Pint sized dude Lil Menace is packing a veritable whopper in his pants; there is a knowing smile on the clean cut guy’s face as he pulls out his member

Post Thumbnail of White Twink Requires Hefty Black Gym Shlong
14 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Skinny twink Nick is working out on the weights, struggling under what is for him a heavy load. Just at the right moment, well muscled, confident black man Dark Mamba enters the movie, giving Nick some precious encouragement and instantly make him fall in lust. After the work out, the guys read some magazines in the break room, with Nick making his move, throwing himself at the surprised ebony stud

Post Thumbnail of Rise and Shine
14 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Lovely Leo Frost is fast asleep on the couch until his beefcake boyfriend, Corbin Colby wakes him with a shower of kisses. Not a bad way to wake up at all! The sight and feel of Colby would get anyone UP, mighty fast! Frost is up and pointing north, raring to welcome Colby and that giant cock back home! No matter how many times one has seen Colby's cock, it's ALWAYS impressive even for his bf Leo who always still trembles with excitement when Corbin releases the Kraken! Leo lays a mean lickin' on the massive monster, doing his best to suck the beast down to the base

Post Thumbnail of Having a great time at home
14 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Do you know what to do when you are getting bored?

Post Thumbnail of Naughty gay boys make love
14 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

These two young gays are always nice-looking and horny when they are getting together. First of all they undress each other slightly massaging their cocks. Then one tounge starts to touch another one

Post Thumbnail of Requested, Delivered
13 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Benjamin Dover Fucks Justin Dean As requested by some fans, we’ve got Justin Dean on loan ready to show the BSB community what he can do.

Post Thumbnail of Introducing Angel Rivera
11 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

UBER hot 20 year old Angel Rivera is a sexy latin boy from Austin, Texas.

Post Thumbnail of Angel's Assets
9 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Angel Rivera will seduce you with his movie star good looks fully clothed. But baby, when he starts peeling those clothes away brace yourself for a jaw dropping, mouth watering, cock thickening experience! This boy is BEAUTIFUL and he knows it, but un-cocky and willing to share all his gorgeous gifts with you

Post Thumbnail of To Catch a Thief
8 January 2018 TWINK BOYS
Post Thumbnail of #helix: Cameron Parks and Tyler Hill
7 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Our series #Helix is BACK with two of our cutest boys, Tyler Hill and Cameron Parks! The guys take questions from their fan's twitter which run the gamut from fun to down right raunchy in this round of randy queries! The guys are asked and ANSWER all about their first times, high school sex-periences, porn behind the scenes, favorite kinks and even Tyler's kitten! This sextastic series has it ALL because after the questions cum fan's fantasy requests which are acted out in deliciously dirty detail by our boys! There's some feet tickling action followed by equal opportunity spanking on one another's beautiful booties. Then we shift into high gear with a pin down lick, bite butt combo request that gets the booty-ful twosome raging hard and ready to get down and dirty! The boys blow each other's bulging boners before Parks plants his huge hand in Tyler's smooth ass crack, tickling his hole and slapping the plump plum every now and again. After Parks gets one small hit of Hill's hiney, he becomes an full on ass addict and doesn't cum up for air.

Post Thumbnail of Hung Guy Pumps His Big Dark Pecker On Cam
5 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

If you’re a guy who loves massive black shlongs, shaven headed guy Jerome will definitely ring your bell! He is already topless as we first see him chatting on the Internet; soon, once he finds another horny man to play with, he stands up and pulls down his shorts, revealing a nice thick brown wang.

Post Thumbnail of Pretty photo session
5 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

After chatting online with a new friend Blondy just can’t believe they are finally meeting in real.

Post Thumbnail of Threeway Fuck
3 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

John Henry, Romeo James, and Robb Davis Robb Davis has never done a threeway before, so we’ve recruited John Henry and Romeo James to pop his threesome cherry, and these guys take charge as soon as we cut them loose!  Robb and John 69 while Romeo buries his face between Robb’s ass, rimming his hole and getting it good and wet before he sticks his bareback prick inside of it, filling Robb’s tight ass while John finds Romeo’s ass and gives him a rimjob while he fucks Robb.  But John wants to get balls deep in some ass too and he sticks his hard cock into Romeo’s hole while Romeo’s pounding Robb.

Post Thumbnail of Raw Reunion
3 January 2018 TWINK BOYS

Caleb Gray just got back into town when Dustin Cook happens by, it seems these two have quite the history by the magical make out moment that happens right there on the street. You can tell Dustin has be anxiously awaiting Caleb's arrival by the sweet way he holds his face as they kiss back at his place.

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