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13 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Soldier boy is laying in his bunk looking at his tool magazine, stroking his long chocolate bar and dreaming of meeting someone.

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13 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

This is the one you've been waiting for folks! Our two alpha tops, Johnny Hands and Josh Brady together….. for a flip flop fuck fest of EPIC proportions! The studly Spartans start off with a manly make out so hot and heavy, you can almost smell the musk radiating from the screen. Willing to expand his erotic horizons (or, assert his dominance in this clash of the titans.) Johnny wraps his warm mouth around Brady's beefy boner first, giving the guy's engorged groin a hot hummer worthy of a warrior.

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When this handsome slim guy was offered to pose in front of the camera for the private photo session he didn’t think for too long. He was always curious what kind of sensations he might get showing off on camera. And he was also offered enough money tp forget of his shyness.

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Would you be able to stay calm for too long while watching sexy gay porn movie? I wouldn’t

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Whe this cute twink guy was offered to participate in a private photo session he was not sure at first.

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12 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Julian LeCoq and Eric La Croix are new neighbors, and they certainly hit it off well. Eric goes over to Julian’s place for a coffee, but instead of coffee he ends up getting shaft.

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Take a look at this handsome gay twink stud! Today he must work on his computer for the whole day. But soon he gets bored and doesn’t want to work anymore. The boy decides to relax a bit.

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Dustin O’Donnell had his friends Max Howard and Jason Greenwood over to his place one Friday night to hang out and have some fun. It wasn’t long before all three studs were fully nude and trading blowjobs

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10 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Tom Moore and Drew Andrews were hanging out naked in the hot tub they had on the deck of their house. after a short soak Drew swam over and started sucking on Tom’s meatstick. He blew him good, blowing that manhood until he was throbbing and hard.

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10 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Blond twink Julian Bell has been a bad boy purposely in hopes that hot, heavy handed Johnny Hands notices his naughty ways and will deliver the appropriate punishment. Bell has been waiting patiently outside Mr.

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Ricco Black and Pleasure are not wasting anytime getting to work on each other.

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9 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

A couple of ethnic gays have some xxx oral and backdoor sex in this realistic bang vid. It looks like they have more of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship rather than a meeting of equals

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9 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Jealous much? Joey Mills claims he's cool with his boyfriend, Angel Rivera, checking out the hot dancers at the club, even when they realize one of the gorgeous Go-Go guys is Angel's ex, Corbin Colby.

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8 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

In this extremely hot young gay backdoor scene, a seductive blond stud picks up an impressionable college student and takes him back to his crib for some rectal. As soon as they are behind closed doors, these horny homosexuals can’t wait to get into each others’ pants, tearing off each other’s clothes and mouthing each others’ cocks.

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Riley Finch has been a bad boy at school and had to stay after for detention as a result. Lucky for him, he has tasty twink Trevor Harris waiting for him when he finally arrives home

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5 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Paulo Marchy comes over to Larry’s house, and he has a problem – a oversize problem.

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5 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

Micah West is a slim, sexy, lanky 18 year old dude from Charlottesville Virginia.

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4 December 2018 TWINK BOYS

It doesn't get any fresher than 18 year old first timer Sebastian Fox! The Arizona exhibitionist is sexy and confident while talking about his penchant for public hook ups; however, he REALLY comes to life when walking us through his first time with a guy, which just happened to be at FOOTBALL CAMP! #Hot The delectable, young dude dives into delicious detail which naturally gets director Max Carter horned up and excited to get to the guy's goods.

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21 November 2018 TWINK BOYS

Jamie Ray and Miles Pike are hot and heavy from the sexy second they appear on screen, tossing tongue down one another's throat and pulling at each other's clothes like wild beasts ready to bang! Miles gets he's big boned boy on the bed and kneels before his epic appendage, pulls his underpants down and deep throats that dong deliciously. Jamie is anxious to get at Pike's porn star sized piece as well; so, he slides off the bed and multitasks the twink's tall totem pole with this hand and a thirsty throat.

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Bad boys of bareback, Andy Taylor and Angel Rivera are hot and heavy from the start, playing grab ass as they kiss and undress one another. They take it slow and sensual at first, tasting their beautiful bronze bodies and tracing sexy six packs with wandering hands

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18 November 2018 TWINK BOYS

Tadzios mother would be offended by too short skirts. That motivated him to wear these “too short” pants

Post Thumbnail of A Long Time Cumming
17 November 2018 TWINK BOYS

It's the weekend and several Helix hotties are hanging, getting toasty, joking around and having a grand ol' time. Joey Mills delivers several severely funny, adorable one liners which make the opener highly entertaining. It's quite obvious Marcell Tykes has a thing for Blake Mitchell.

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16 November 2018 TWINK BOYS

Taylor Coleman is buried in a book; but, boyfriend Caleb Gray would much rather he be buried deep in him! Taylor has been looking fine as fuck all day with his swinging dick swaying back and forth in sweatpants, hypnotizing Caleb and making him hunger for fresh, hot cock! Gray is always looking gorgeous and Coleman can't resist with his brunette boy hungry for bone snuggled up tight, right next to him.

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Tadzios mother would be offended by too short skirts. That motivated him to wear these “too short” pants. He thought it would tear apart whan he gets a hard on

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14 November 2018 TWINK BOYS

Small town Georgia boy, Clay Turner is a beautiful blond twink with the sexiest southern twang you've ever heard! He's bounced around a bit from Florida to Cali, (anywhere with a beach really) and finally found his way here to Helix. His hobbies are riding horses.

Post Thumbnail of Belted
12 November 2018 TWINK BOYS
Post Thumbnail of Pool Boy
10 November 2018 TWINK BOYS

Just when you think your about to get hot with the classic “pool boy fantasy” with Gabriel Martin strolling up behind Jared Scott while he's cleaning a pool paradise, we've upped the ante and added a boyfriend fantasy element to this poolside scorcher! Gabriel wraps his arms around Jared and their crazy hot, cock stiffening chemistry is absolutely off the charts! The camera pans down highlighting the growing bulges in the twink's swim trunks while their tongues twirl around one another. The gorgeous couple head over to a stone wall and, juicy Jared takes a seat allowing Gabriel easY access to his giant jack.

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Revenge is a dick best served hard. On this latest BSB update our favorite Texan, Skyler Daniels, will be fucking Ayden Troy. If you know anything about BSB, Skyler is typically taking cock and he’s had the pleasure of getting slammed by Ayden.

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It's the boss's birthday and the celebration is in full swing as his harem of Helix hotties gather for the party of the year. Josh Brady and Leo Frost are having a great time together; and, before they know it, Leo finds himself waking up in Brady's brawny arms which, is definitely not a bad place to be! Super twink Frost feels a big breakfast sausage snuggling up to his bubble butt and he's sure Brady and he are both hungry for a morning meal.

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