Post Thumbnail of Ian Dempsey & Tate Thompson Flip Flop
9 July 2019 TWINK BOYS

Here is a BSB axiom to consider: the newbies who make quick returns always turn out to be the best performers. Maybe it’s the cash, or possibly they learn the ropes real fast. Whatever the reason, newbies who get back on that BSB horse have a great track record.

Post Thumbnail of Damien Kyle, Paul Canon & Cage
6 July 2019 TWINK BOYS

At the start of today’s video there seems to be a little confusion of where people should sit. Damien Kyle takes the middle. That is an appropriate spot for the cute model because he’s getting fucked today.

Post Thumbnail of Spencer Todd Fucks Ian Dempsey
1 July 2019 TWINK BOYS

Don’t worry.

Post Thumbnail of Spencer Todd Fucks Ian Dempsey
1 July 2019 TWINK BOYS

Don’t worry.

Post Thumbnail of Twink Couple Nathan And Tim Takes Their Relationship Up A Notch And Tries Barebacking
29 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

Nathan and Tim are a cute twink couple who has been living together for years now. Here, they are taking their relationship to a new level, raising the notch by having steaming hot barebacking anal sex for the very first time ! Check them out in these hot scenes, where they end up going natural, stuffing those long rubber free dicks in each others hungry mouths and quivering knots! Their passionate barebacking anal scene is unparalleled and you just shouldn’t miss it! Download it whole inside Bare Twinks , where fresh faced gay guys like them have hardcore anal sex without condoms!

Post Thumbnail of Ropework and Hard Fucks
27 June 2019 GAY PORN

Restrained by chains and with his cock in a device that looks like it came straight from a Saw movie, this video is going to be quite a punishing task for Aaron Aurora.

Post Thumbnail of Chuck DiRocco & Nick Piston
27 June 2019 GAY PORN

Well hung Chuck and Nick take part in some no-holds-barred man-sex in this video. The duo explore each other’s cocks, spit and switch roles three times before Nick finally gets to swallow Chuck’s load. Then it’s Nick’s turn all over Chucks chest

Post Thumbnail of Neo bangs Sandro
26 June 2019 GAY PORN

I’m not sure how hairy hottie Sandro manages to take Neo’s fat, black cock in this video, but I’m sure glad he did for the camera. Don’t miss seeing a monstercock taking apart his beautiful hole.

Post Thumbnail of  Deep throated stud fucked up in the ass
24 June 2019 ARABIC GAYS

Smooth young stud gets his fat cut cock sucked down a young studs eager throat before bending him over and then fucking really hard up to his ass.

Post Thumbnail of Vic Hall, Rusty Samuels and Chip Connors
22 June 2019 GAY PORN

pornmoviesgay porn

Post Thumbnail of Ian Dempsey Fucks Damien Kyle
13 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

OMG! Look who’s back! Damien Kyle.

Post Thumbnail of Broke Straight Boys – Jason & Anthony
12 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

Hot Straight Guys Sometimes you just have good luck which is exactly what happened with Broke Straight Boys when two of their hottest, most popular guys happened to show up at the office at the same time needing some cash. Anthony had just gotten a job, but he had only been there a week and needed some extra cash to hold him over until his first paycheck. Jason was just relaxing and enjoying the easy life so he needed some money to keep him from having to get a job

Post Thumbnail of Monster Cock Ripping Hard That Ass, Damnit!
10 June 2019 LATINO GAYS

This big thick meaty dick explores a hot ripe ass as that cute stud bends over the couch moaning from the deep
ass pounding. Fuck this guys, join them!

Post Thumbnail of Johnny Forza Fucks Tristan Stiles
3 June 2019 TWINK BOYS

Look at Johnny Forza, shirtless, sitting next to Tristan Stiles (his shirt is on)! What a sexy duo. The boys are up late because Tristan’s bosses don’t know when to close up shop! While he might have a gig, Tristam still needs BSB funds. Why

Post Thumbnail of Joe Spears and Scott Hardesty
2 June 2019 GAY PORN

Joe Spears finds Scott Hardesty in bed instead of down at the gym, and can’t understand why he didn’t make it to their workout date.

Post Thumbnail of Adam Fucks Paul Canon
28 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

Get that lube out, baby!! Today’s update pairs two guys who could make BSB fans march on Washington, DC to shut the town down! LOL! Adam Baer and Paul Canon are smooching it up when the camera starts rolling. As they make out, clothes are tossed aside. Adam’s tool springs to the ceiling when he takes off his shorts

Post Thumbnail of Untouched nude model takes old meat in his fresh ass
26 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

This barely legal twink had wanted only to try nude modeling at first without having to go any further but… An old guy who was watching him suddenly understood he simply couldn’t miss the chance to give such luscious untouched butt a try. Fortunately, it didn’t cost him any effort to make the boy change his mind – some tender massage and cocksucking proved to be enough to earn him a portion of anal sex! Click here to visit Men vs Boys

Post Thumbnail of Johnny, Romeo, & Ian
17 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

Who doesn’t love a triple treat?

Post Thumbnail of Cage Kafig Fuck Colby Jones
9 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

The two Cs, Cage and Colby, are in the BSB studios today. When today’s episode is over, there will be two firsts: Cage will have taken a guy’s booty virginity, and Colby will not be able to say no dude has ever fucked his sweet ass. “A little bit nervous,” Colby says when the cameraman wonders how he’s feeling.

Post Thumbnail of Cage Kafig Fuck Colby Jones
9 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

The two Cs, Cage and Colby, are in the BSB studios today. When today’s episode is over, there will be two firsts: Cage will have taken a guy’s booty virginity, and Colby will not be able to say no dude has ever fucked his sweet ass

Post Thumbnail of Kaden and Paul Flip
2 May 2019 TWINK BOYS

Paul and Kaden. Kaden and Paul. The loins get warm just thinking about the combo (except for Rick Santorum fans…grin)

Post Thumbnail of Shane Ridge Fucks Romeo James
29 April 2019 TWINK BOYS

Getting pounded by Paul didn’t scare Shane Ridge away from the BSB studios. Well, maybe it did but the money made him stay

Post Thumbnail of Romeo James Fucks Ian Dempsey
20 April 2019 TWINK BOYS

Romeo is such a romantic dude. Ian also! LOL.

Post Thumbnail of Johnny, Paul & Abel
16 April 2019 TWINK BOYS

Abel Conrad, unfortunately, only did a solo for us. However, on the positive side the newbie has returned big time by sitting next to BSB stalwarts Paul Canon and Johnny Forza.”Throw him right into a threesome,” Johnny observes to the cameraman.”This is the best way to break some one in real quick,” Paul says as he snaps his fingers.

Post Thumbnail of Laszlo Asboth, Krisztian
9 April 2019 GAY PORN

The woods seem to give these mans wood, so they go out to the middle of nowhere for some hot fucking. Laszlo Asboth is prepared with a few towels and even a snack, and when Krisztian finds him it’s love – or at least lust – at first sight.

Post Thumbnail of Bili, Duki, Aco, Marko
4 April 2019 GAY PORN

Bili, Duki, Aco and Marko are hanging out like any other day, and while they seem like they are occupied with what they’re doing, they’re actually going to end up working their shafts deep inside of each other, knowing that this gay foursome is going to drive everyone absolutely wild. They know that they are going to keep on until they’re all sweaty and messy, with large smiles on their faces that show just how happy they are to finally get their foursome on. You don’t get to see these studs too often after they’re done choking down, and they end up having a grand time together.

Post Thumbnail of Johnny Forza & Skyler Daniel
4 April 2019 TWINK BOYS

Skyler Daniels and Johnny Forza start this update right out of the gate with some passionate tongue dancing.

Post Thumbnail of Sudsee Barnes, Terry Fuller
24 March 2019 GAY PORN

Some studs just absolutely love to get banged in the ass! These two hot gay dudes meet up for a coffee one day and immediately hit it off.

Post Thumbnail of Brandon Beale and Kyle Johnson Flip
19 March 2019 TWINK BOYS

Brandon Beale and Kyle Johnson start out romancing in this update. Their smooching sounds fill the studio

Post Thumbnail of Rocco Petrucci, Bruce Willin
16 March 2019 GAY PORN

Bruce Willin and Rocco Petrucci kissed and yanked each-others pants off. Rocco pulled his manhood out and let Bruce whack him off and give him head. He blew him until he was throbbing hard then Rocco put Bruce on all fours and threw the meat at him

Post Thumbnail of Chuck Lang, Terry Fuller, Bruce Willin
12 March 2019 GAY PORN

It’s amazing that these three dudes could fit in such a confined space, but that’s because they wanted to be as close to each other as possible when they started whipping off each other’s clothes! Chuck, Terry and Bruce were touching each other’s dicks and asses through their pants and thongs, so as soon as they got the opening, they made sure to keep their mouths busy as well. After each tool got sucked stiff, they took turns pounding his firm, hairy anus, opening it up as wide as they could to allow every inch of their schlong inside. He squeezed their dongs firm and milked every last drop of jizz out of their hoses

Post Thumbnail of Romeo James and Tristan Stiles
9 March 2019 TWINK BOYS

This will be a day of firsts for the ever-smiling Tristan Stiles.

Post Thumbnail of Brandon Beal Fucks Griffin Matthews
6 March 2019 TWINK BOYS

There’s something special about two cornfed country boys sitting on a bed together. In this latest BSB Update Griffin’s ass is getting severely pounded and Brandon Beal’s big thick cock will be doing said pounding! Griffin is a bit nervous about sitting on Brandon’s cock, he’s a little intimidated by the sheer girth of Brandon’s monster. Brandon offers the best advice about getting busted

Post Thumbnail of Jack Reilly, Brent Banes and Chris Ryan
5 March 2019 GAY PORN

This movie opens on the muscular frame of a young dude as he lies naked in the pool. He is floating on top of the water and playing with his thick prick. As he strokes his rock hard penis, he fantasizes about meeting another gay dude in the pool area

Post Thumbnail of Adam Wolfe, Tully, Jerod Stevens, Triton Rivers, Blake, Johnny Justice and Andrew Blaze
4 March 2019 GAY PORN

You’d better not piss off this dominant student-teacher! As often happens in college classes, when this class sees there’s a new teacher in charge, they hassle him and try to take over. However, this teacher isn’t having any of that bullshit, dragging the worst offender to the front of the class, pulling down his pants and spanking him roughly in front of the other boys! Then he calls up the rest of the class, telling them to get their shlongs out and to punish the heckler in his anus with their giant cocks! The teacher also joins the queue, getting his own satisfaction out of the young dude’s tender, almost bleeding butthole.

Post Thumbnail of Manuel Ruggio, Theo
28 February 2019 GAY PORN

Damn, they just got in the door, and as soon as they saw somewhere they could start messing around, Manuel and Theo took advantage of it! What started out as some wild kissing quickly escalated into something raunchier once they got horizontal on the couch.

Post Thumbnail of Romeo James Fucks Damien Kyle
23 February 2019 TWINK BOYS

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name.” In this latest BSB update we’ve got Romeo James and Damien Kyle, in what can only be described as an epic love scene

Post Thumbnail of Brent Banes and Eric Evans
21 February 2019 GAY PORN

A muscular stud is floating in the pool on an inflatable cushion, enjoying the sun. Idly, he strokes his thick shaft in his shorts, reaching down and grabbing the shaft in his hand. Right at that moment his hunky pool boy walks along, and is shocked when he sees his boss masturbating in the pool

Post Thumbnail of Farkas, Auer
20 February 2019 GAY PORN

Shower sex flicks are always at the top of my list of hot shit, and seeing Farkas start to wash himself off was great. It was mostly great because his tool was already hard, and he just keeps playing with it while he gets himself all wet. The rest of hs body is fucking hot too, all sorts of firm muscles – especially his anus oh my god.

Post Thumbnail of Auer, Lenart
15 February 2019 GAY PORN

Now I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a pair of gay movers taking my stuff to the new house – although I’m not sure if I would require them getting frisky on all of my furniture. It looks like these homeowners are going to find a sticky surprise once they finally get to their new home, but it certainly is entertaining to watch. Auer and Lenart start by bringing in the last couch and then sitting down on it, working their overalls off and slowly caressing each other.

Post Thumbnail of Griffin Matthews Fucks Kyle Johnson
13 February 2019 TWINK BOYS

The time has come! Kyle Johnson is giving up some ass for his fellow newbie Griffin Matthews. They’ve come such a long way since their first appearance on BSB, in this update they push way further. “I’m kind of nervous,” Kyle says to the cameraman.

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