Post Thumbnail of Auer, Lenart
15 February 2019 GAY PORN

Now I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a pair of gay movers taking my stuff to the new house – although I’m not sure if I would require them getting frisky on all of my furniture. It looks like these homeowners are going to find a sticky surprise once they finally get to their new home, but it certainly is entertaining to watch. Auer and Lenart start by bringing in the last couch and then sitting down on it, working their overalls off and slowly caressing each other.

Post Thumbnail of Griffin Matthews Fucks Kyle Johnson
13 February 2019 TWINK BOYS

The time has come! Kyle Johnson is giving up some ass for his fellow newbie Griffin Matthews. They’ve come such a long way since their first appearance on BSB, in this update they push way further. “I’m kind of nervous,” Kyle says to the cameraman.

Post Thumbnail of Gej Dariusz Gosz spreading a tight asshole for muscle dong
12 February 2019 MUSCLE HUNKS

He couldn’t wait to fit his swollen dong inside of this jock’s tight asshole, especially after seeing him flaunt it for so long. As soon as he got the chance to, he was bending him over and banging him deep from behind. His ass was so narrow that his beef bazooka was milked quickly, and then he watched as his new manhole buddy ran his own hand up and down his dick until he shot his own hot load

Post Thumbnail of Brandon Beale Fucks Skyler Daniels
11 February 2019 TWINK BOYS

Every man feels brand new when he gets a fresh hair cut.

Post Thumbnail of College Boys Physical – Eric & Mikey
8 February 2019 TWINK BOYS

Guy Gets A Physical Mikey came into the College Boys Physicals Clinic again today complaining of some knee and leg pain he had been having ever since his most recent karate practice. Doctor Phingerphuk was busy interviewing prospective new doctors for the clinic so Nurse Eric stepped in to check him out and see if he could find any obvious problems. Mikey pulled off his shirt, showing off his nice abs and thin body

Post Thumbnail of Vlada, Sasa, Andrija, Erik
7 February 2019 GAY PORN

Vlada, Sasa, Andrija and Erik decided to have another party. Their last one was such a giant hit, they figured another the week after would be just as giant a blast, but it didn’t turn out the same way. No one showed up this time, citing work or chores the next day, so they were left to themselves

Post Thumbnail of Broke Straight Boys – Rocco & Anthony
7 February 2019 TWINK BOYS

Two Hot Guys Rocco and Anthony returned to Broke Straight Boys looking to make some extra cash. Both guys had been in before so the crew decided this time to put them together and have them fuck.

Post Thumbnail of Anal-Sex In Open Field
7 February 2019 GAY PORN

Description: We’re back! Nothing, but non-stop anal sex on today’s OutInPublic. These guys hook up and don’t care where they are and who’s watching

Post Thumbnail of Bili, Milos, Erik, Slav
22 January 2019 GAY PORN

Bili, Erik, Milos and Slav aren’t ready for the party to end quite yet, so they’re going to keep it going with a foursome that will have your toes curling in no time. These men are making sure that they’re going to get as hard as possible with plenty of blowjobs and fondling. As these mans get more worked up together, they’re going to explore a foursome that leaves everyone sticky and with happy smiles on their faces.

Post Thumbnail of Fernando Montoya and Gino Marconi
20 January 2019 GAY PORN

It’s Fernando’s birthday today, and he has decided to skip work in order to have some nasty gay sex fun! He wakes up early, lying in bed and masturbating, giving you a fantastic show as he strokes off his nice huge Latino dick. Then he heads out onto the street, picking up a couple of his best gay friends and taking them back to his house for a hot oral threesome. Being the birthday boi, Fernando is the center of attention, with his two sexy Latino backside buddies giving him a hot cocksucking

Post Thumbnail of Bradley Christopher
20 January 2019 GAY PORN

Get up close and personal with clean cut college man Bradley in this solo dick and anal masturbation movie. Bradley has got a hot body, but by far the best thing about him is the hefty weiner! He keeps his sack and pubes clean shaven, giving you the full benefit of the long, thick penis.

Post Thumbnail of J. C. Sanders and Jason Roberts
19 January 2019 GAY PORN

This bareback porno city boy is fantasizing about banging himself a cowboy when lo and behold, one appears at his doorway – and better yet, it’s a gay cowboy looking for a good time!

Post Thumbnail of William Grail and Trevor Rand
19 January 2019 GAY PORN

This tanned cowboy was just wankin’ in the woods when suddenly he was discovered by this well hung cowhand who is more than gay bareback willing to help him get off!

Post Thumbnail of Chet Williams and Travis Jones
19 January 2019 GAY PORN

These hot and horny cowboys work up quite a sweat in this exciting fuckstravaganza! These boys bareback creampie do everything, from deep mouth fucking to butt pounding – your going to love it!

Post Thumbnail of Buck Ford and Jason Roberts
19 January 2019 GAY PORN

These two slutty guys are looking for a little action, and find it with each other! This is what gay bareback dvd happens when you find the perfect roommate – great head and insane backside banging!

Post Thumbnail of Anal Sex Under The Bridge!
15 January 2019 GAY PORN

Description: There’s nothing better then having anal sex in public. You get such a rush doing something spontaneous like this

Post Thumbnail of Blake Bennett Fucks Brandon Beale
15 January 2019 TWINK BOYS

There’s something undeniably sexy about the combination of “fit and thick” & “tall and lean”.

Post Thumbnail of Adam Hardwood, Danni
9 January 2019 GAY PORN

You can hear the heavy caressing of each other’s tongues as Adam and Danni kiss passionately while taking each other’s clothes off on the couch. It’s not long before they feel their peckers protruding from their underwear, so those come off quickly too so that they could rub their shafts together.

Post Thumbnail of Armando Storm, Hiam
9 January 2019 GAY PORN

All you need is a black leather couch and Armando Storm and Hiam. These hot hunks come packing some serious cock, and they get it at it quickly, stroking and sucking on some fat hard dick

Post Thumbnail of Dino Dimarco, Dan Dixon
9 January 2019 GAY PORN

Dino Dimarco is followed into an adult video store by a camera doing a documentary on him.

Post Thumbnail of Dino Dimarco, Grant Wood, Frank O'Thomas
9 January 2019 GAY PORN

You can always spot the queer one! Two guys hook up at a club one night, one of them being a strapping young stud who looks like any regular guy on the street and the other being a queer boy with dyed hair. The effeminate gay is definitely eager to suck some cock tonight and get it in his ass. He wants to be used and pleasured and treated like a dirty bitch! That suits his rough stud just fine, and as soon as the guys get back to the crib the tough guy pulls out his cock and shoves it in the queer’s mouth

Post Thumbnail of Dino Dimarco, Tony Bendanza
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Tony Bendanza is new to the porn industry and for his first movie he gets to fuck Dino Dimarco. The two studs decide to play some strip pool and Dino is the one who ends up losing first.

Post Thumbnail of Chris Gill, Tomie Cloud
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Tomie Cloud is a cute twink strutting his hot body on the beach when he meets Chris Gill and easily gets him to join him in the bathroom for some fun.

Post Thumbnail of Nino, Mike
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Starting out slow Nino and Mike quickly get down to business. These two studs go at it hard with Nino taking Mike’s rod deep in his mouth

Post Thumbnail of Bill, Rex
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

These two guys are hot, hot, hot! Bill and Rex have one hell of a good time in this scene.

Post Thumbnail of Matheus Axell, Kevin
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Sometimes sex needs a little excitement and Kevin and Matheus Axell sure know how to add some to their sexual adventures. They do the normal cocksucking and ball licking but then they get into things a little different such as sliding fruit up each others asses.

Post Thumbnail of Marcos, Simon
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Two man whores get wild and crazy on a porch. They don’t really care who is watching, it is all about the cock. Marcos and Simon jerk their own cocks and also go down on each other and make a nice wet slimy mess of it

Post Thumbnail of Adam, Steve
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Muscular black stud Adam is making some food in the kitchen when in walks his good looking Latino room mate, Steve.

Post Thumbnail of Chris, Kenan
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

One of the great things about traveling on business is that you get to check out the local talent on your days off! This businessman finds himself in a city far away from home, totally bored; so he calls up his local gay escort agency. They send over a really cute and good-looking guy, with sexy olive skin and a toned and muscular figure. He is also extremely good in bed, sucking his employer’s stiff cock with no condom and then bouncing on the dick with wild abandon.

Post Thumbnail of Andre, Michael
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Andre and Michael start out slow and easy with some tender kissing and nipple sucking. Things heat up and they start grabbing each others cocks and making them hard. Once the clothes are removed they enjoy a long session of wet, slurppy cock sucking before the dive in and start the anal pounding

Post Thumbnail of Private Johnson, General Disarray
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

The IT type of guys in the military usually end up being a lot more slender than the dudes on the front line, so it’s easier to find the twinks in the army there. Private Johnson and General Disarray (fucking incredible names, those) start off by going on the computer for something random. Things heat up pretty damn quick and the general is soon sucking up a ton of twink cock down his throat.

Post Thumbnail of Private Johnson, Captain Anale
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Military fantasy and a gym fantasy – I love mixing my fantasies together, so this is perfectly acceptable. The scene starts off with Private Johnson hitting the treadmill, and he is going at it so intently that he barley notices when Captain Anale comes in the room. Before long his dick is getting hard though as he looks at the Captain’s hard muscles.

Post Thumbnail of Private Winger, Lieutenant Dan
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Private Winger and Lieutenant Dan know they aren’t supposed to see each other, but they didn’t care.

Post Thumbnail of Farkas, Szasz
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

If you like your men hot, young and virile, you’re going to love these two hot studs! They hook up after a gay ‘ol night out on the town, partying it up with their friends. They end up back at one guy’s apartment, nervously sitting next to each other on the bed.

Post Thumbnail of Wiley Boyd, Shawn Jamieson
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Wiley Boyd and Shawn Jamieson certainly enjoy sharing a room together – before this they were just shipmates. However they certainly have needs, and those needs need a gentle and loving touch to get them taken care of

Post Thumbnail of Szasz, Szakacs
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

I cannot get enough of gym sex scenes, I have to admit it. Although this is a very small gym – probably just a fitness room in an apartment complex – it’s big enough for these two handymen to get it on in. They don’t start off hitting on each other or anything

Post Thumbnail of Alex Bresh, Darien
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Talking dirty and pawing at each other’s clothes is a good way for these two hot gay guys to get each other riled up. Just look at the way they’re whipping their clothes off to get at each other’s dicks! Alex and Darien look like they haven’t fucked each other in years, as they both find their way to each other’s swollen members with their lips, licking them up and down from base to tip

Post Thumbnail of Helios Dean, Johnny Lava
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Boy, those hands sure are getting busy between them, huh?

Post Thumbnail of Rocco Petrucci, Paulo James
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

Rocco Petrucci met Paulo James while he was on vacation.

Post Thumbnail of Marcus Silver, Mauricio
8 January 2019 GAY PORN

With their uncontrollable hands leading them to the promised land, Marcus and Mauricio are in a mad dash to get as close to one another as possible, and to get each other’s clothes off in the process.

Post Thumbnail of Alex, Patrick
7 January 2019 GAY PORN

There is something about watching bodybuilders that aren’t totally muscled yet – they are really determined to get where their arms are like solid rock, and they usually don’t let anything get in the way of that goal. However Alex lets himself get a little bit distracted by Patrick, who shows him just how he works out…and then he just has to show off that cock of his. He starts working at his dick while Patrick works at the weights, and before long they are in a full out fuck fest that will make your knees weak and your jaw drop.

Post Thumbnail of Marty Mitchel, Larry
7 January 2019 GAY PORN

Marty Mitchel, Larry, and a friend of theirs are just groping each other on the bed. The two boys focus on their friend in the middle, working their hands up and down his legs and against his crotch. They’re wearing camo to give it a slight uniform feel, and once they decide that they want to feel his cock they start shoving their hands down his pants and feeling at his chest and down to his dick

Post Thumbnail of Marty Mitchel, John, Larry
7 January 2019 GAY PORN

Three horny guys hook up after sports practice for some hot man love. They lie on the couch in a line, each guy sucking the cock of the guy next to him.

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