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Aiden Garcia has had the hots for cutie Collin Adams for ages, unfortunately Collin had a boyfriend back in the day; so, until now, he's always been Aiden's fantasy fuck. Garcia spies Adams sitting alone one night and all those old feeling cum rushing back. He asks Collin if he's still attached and lucky for Aiden, he is NOT! It's total sexual serendipity and Garcia isn't going to let this one get away again.

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Skip Cockring, Aaron Aemilius and Chuck Agata are in the mood for something a bit more unusual than their normal get togethers, so they’re going to end up in a gay threesome. They are loving the mere thought, so when they actually end up living out their fantasy it ends up being so much more than what they expected. Their jumbo peniss are sure to satisfy even their never ending needs, and they spend plenty of time messing around with each other and enjoying it so much that they have to keep it going for as long as possible

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