Photographer Butt Plunders Willing Guys

Posted by Murat on 10 October 2018 0 Comment

In this steamy threesome vid, a sweet young man visits his local bookstore, where he gets extremely aroused reading the steamy stories on the shelves. In this particular fantasy, a photographer shoots some nude photos of a gorgeous young Latino guy. While the fantasizer watches from the corner of the room, the photographer makes his move, bouncing on his subject and sticking his pecker down his throat. As the third guy joins the fun, the photographer is king, taking his cock out of one dude’s mouth and sticking it into the other’s. Both of the men are the photographer’s willing backdoor slaves as he plugs them full of his ridiculously enormous dick.

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Photographer Butt Plunders Willing Guys

Posted by Murat   @   10 October 2018 0 comments
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