Paul Canon Fucks Romeo James

Posted by Murat on 3 August 2018 0 Comment

Paul Canon opens up with his sexiest British accent. He shares some exciting news, Romeo is getting his virgin ass fucked!

“Today I’m going to pop this guy’s cherry,” Paul says to the camera. “And he’s real nervous about it.”

“Very,” Romeo adds.

“Just think about the money,” the cameraman notes.

“I sort of feel sorry for him,” Paul muses. “I know the feeling.”

“Having some guy’s cock in me is not too appealing,” Romeo notes.

“It’s not some guy,” the cameraman explains. “It’s Paul.”

Paul and Romeo undress quickly, tossing their clothes to the side and immediately start making out like they’ve been fucking each other for years. Paul is eager and excited. He makes his way down to Romeo’s dick and sucks it passionately. Romeo has no complaints as Paul swallows his hard dick, tickling the head with the back of his throat. Romeo rewards Paul’s skills with another kiss and then quickly begins to suck Paul’s legendary cock.

Romeo’s skills only heighten Paul’s desire to slide his dick inside Romeo’s virgin hole! Before you know it Romeo’s hairy, bubble butt is being pierced by Paul’s meat.

“I promise to be easy,” Paul assures.

Paul’s dick slides slowly in and out of Romeo’s tight fuck hole. Romeo is holding on for dear life as big Paul slams his ass harder and faster. Paul’s raw dick must feel good because Romeo is moaning and not from pain.

“Fuck me, bro,” Romeo moans.

Paul sucks and licks on Romeo’s toes

Posted by Murat   @   3 August 2018 0 comments
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