First Contact 136

Posted by Murat on 13 April 2015 0 Comment
First Contact 136
An Indian dude recently new to Canada wanted to check out the Bi side of things since he had always been curious. RJ was so eager to try everything in one session that he really didn’t do well at any of them! I stuck a finger up his butt and he nearly jumped off the table. He tells me his hole is still tight-NO SHIT! I sucked his limp dick and put his hand on my cock which finally got a response from his dick. I did finally manage to get him calmed down enough to fuck a couple of pillows and blow a massive load all over them. You will be getting my cleaning bill in the mail RJ!

Mario is a straight dude that just broke up with his girlfriend the week before filming this episode. He says he’s looking to experiment to see what it’s like being on the other side of the fence. No guy has ever touched him before, not even his doctor has seen him naked. Yet here he is laying on my massage table, naked, hairy, and horney with a hardon that doesn’t quit until he blows a huge load all over his belly. He told me in the video that he had only cum one month before that. All I can say is WOW!

Director: Morgan


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First Contact 136



Posted by Murat   @   13 April 2015 0 comments
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