Hot gorgeous nude boy scout teen group

Posted by Murat on 13 March 2015 0 Comment

This is their first “Get Together” as boy scouts. Andre is the scout master and Lucas, Terry, Harry and Nathan are his scouts. Of course the scout master has to take some measurements of his scout boys first. Nathan seems to have the longest cock of all and is visibly proud about that. Andre takes chances to do some “further inspections” of his new scout boys and an obligatory ass check.

After the first check-up they have to proof their sucking skills – so everyone has to suck Scout Master Andre’s fine and impressive cock. That way they all get into it and Nathan also wants his cock sucked. All that cock sucking gets out of hand and the scout master has to demand some discipline…..

This is the first set of our boy scout series. All of these boys will have additional fun as duo or trio spin off and they will invite other scouts to join them. Their idea of being a boy scout will always be rather sexual. Hopefully their word of mouth spreads widely so more cute scout boys are willing to join 🙂

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Hot gorgeous nude boy scout teen group

Posted by Murat   @   13 March 2015 0 comments
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