Budapest: Giuseppe Pardi & Rick Bauer

Posted by Murat on 29 April 2014 0 Comment

Budapest: Giuseppe Pardi & Rick Bauer @ brings you hot 3D Gay Porn

What a perfect pairing. They are both SO freaking gorgeous. Rick is a muscular stud, and Giuseppe has to be the prettiest boy I have ever met. Seriously. From the moment he walked in the room I instantly fell in love with him.This is the first video in our Hungary series, which we will be releasing over time. This is the only one in which I bothered with an interview, because Rick speaks English fairly well. I tried to get them to to teach me how to say “Guys, how are you?” which is how I begin most of the videos. It was cute to see them crack up over the fact that I couldn’t say it in Hungarian. I feel like you really get to see their personalities (especially Giuseppe) in these more “candid” moments.

Watch the full movie at

Posted by Murat   @   29 April 2014 0 comments
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