Armando Storm and Hansel Hutchinson

Posted by Murat on 24 January 2014 0 Comment

It was tool pleasing time for Armando and Hansel, as they were locking lips and unbuttoning each other’s pants to get at their already-swelling shlongs. As soon as they were naked together, he was wrapping his lips around his buddy’s meatstick and licking it up and down, drooling all over it and having it get as hard as possible in his mouth. He then laid back and threw his legs in the air, spreading his asshole wide open so he had easy access to shove every inch of his oversize meatstick inside of his firm asshole. He jerked his own cock off as his slid in and out of his anus, and he eaten his sperm off of the glass coffee table after making him ejaculate.

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Armando Storm and Hansel Hutchinson

Posted by Murat   @   24 January 2014 0 comments
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