James and Marcos

Posted by Murat on 23 December 2013 0 Comment

Come back to the good old days of slavery in this hard core interracial gay sex clip. Two workers find themselves together in the barn, a muscular black dude and a shorter but extremely attractive Caucasian stud. The dark stud notices that the Caucasian keeps casting covert glances in his direction, the eyes bulging slightly everytime the dark dude flexes a muscle or bends over. Soon, the white guy gives in to his base urges, getting down on his knees and pulling down the ebony stud’s pants, wordlessly taking the prick in his mouth and drinking. The white man gets a hardcore anus pounding and finally gets his chest drenched with jism.

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James and Marcos

Posted by Murat   @   23 December 2013 0 comments
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