Oral Mastery

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Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

Ryan and Sebastian came in the studio horned up and ready to go so we won’t hold them back. They kiss like they’ve been doing so for years. They savor the taste of each other’s lips as they make out and undress. Ryan takes Sebastian into his mouth but Sebastian wants in on the action. He lies down on top of Ryan and the boys 69. Ryan makes me the most jealous mofo this side of California when he sticks his tongue right in Sebastian’s hot ass! Ryan can’t get enough and I don’t blame him. Sebastian’s bubble butt looks delicious!

Sebastian makes even better use of his ass when he climbs on top of Ryan and straddles his cock. He rides it for a bit before just letting Ryan fuck those juicy cakes from below. They try a different position as they lie back on the bed and Sebastian gets his ass pounded in even more!, moaning as Ryan’s long shaft penetrates his entrance and touching himself while he gets pounded. With Sebastian on his back next, his legs are spread and Ryan continues to bash his hole. Ryan keeps up his pounding until both boys reach their well-deserved climax!

Ryan Fields and Sebastian Lee

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Oral Mastery

Posted by Murat   @   30 December 2017 0 comments
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