Alex Binino, Mirco Xella

Posted by Murat on 9 November 2018 0 Comment

As wild as these two dudes are for each other, they’re also quite hard in between their legs. That’s why it goes beyond kissing for Alex and Mirco, especially when they start taking each other’s pants off to unfurl those longs meatsticks they have for one another. They each take turns sucking on one another’s dongs, as well as sample their assholes with their tongues. Pretty soon, Mirco is balls deep in Alex’s anus, slamming him as hard as he can until you can only see his balls. Alex begs for it harder, and Mirco obliges. After all of that hot banging, Alex sits down and strokes himself while Mirco jizzs all over his stomach.

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Alex Binino, Mirco Xella

Posted by Murat   @   9 November 2018 0 comments
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