Skyler Daniels Fucks Ayden Troy

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Revenge is a dick best served hard. On this latest BSB update our favorite Texan, Skyler Daniels, will be fucking Ayden Troy. If you know anything about BSB, Skyler is typically taking cock and he’s had the pleasure of getting slammed by Ayden. Well, now it’s his turn to enjoy some tight hole. Ayden doesn’t look too excited. Skyler is pretty stoked about fucking one of his favorite BSB blokes.
After a little chit chat our studs strip down. Skyler drops to his knees and sucks Ayden, waking his soft cock from its slumber. Thorough and experienced, Skyler knows exactly how Ayden likes his dick sucked. Ayden towers of Skyler enjoying his service and admiring his wet lips sliding down his rock hard dick.

With one last slurp, Ayden and Skyler switch. Ayden gets down on the floor and begins to suck on the dick that will be fucking him in the not too distant future. Ayden’s slow and intentional head leaves Skyler speechless. Taking shallow breaths to enjoy to warmth of Ayden’s mouth, Skyler looks down on his soon to be bottom boy.

Skyler is ready for some ass. He slips on a condom as Ayden bends over on the bed in the doggie position. Skyler eases his hard dick inside Ayden’s asshole and begins to fuck him. Ayden can only moan and balance himself on the bed as Skyler slams his dick into his tight ass.

“Oh, my God,” Ayden moans.

Ayden is turned on his back, his salami hard and juicy.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck me,” he whispers.

Skyler slows down his stroked but digs deeper inside Ayden. He grabs Ayden’s hard dick and strokes it as he fucks his hole. Ayden relaxes himself and takes the dick. Ayden is ready to bust his nut, he quickly strokes his dick while Skyler is still inside of him. Ayden erupts a huge load onto his stomach. Skyler pulls throbbing cock out of Ayden’s tight boy hole and shoots a load on top of Ayden’s load.

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Skyler Daniels & Ayden Troy

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Skyler Daniels Fucks Ayden Troy

Posted by Murat   @   9 November 2018 0 comments
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