Kyle Douglas, Ricky Hanson

Posted by Murat on 8 November 2018 0 Comment

Two horny gay men, one blond and one with brown hair, are sitting around in their lingerie. The blond sits on his friend’s lap, stroking his meatstick. He wraps his horny cocksucking lips around that gay prick and swallows it whole. His friend is so turned on that he requires his own taste of rod, and so the two homosexuals get down on the ground, lying on their sides and passionately 69ing. The dude with brown hair jizzs quick, spreading his load all over his friend’s face and down his throat. Then the brunette bends over, offering up his backside hole so that the blond man can finish himself off. The blond gladly complies, hammering his anus.

Excerpt from:
Kyle Douglas, Ricky Hanson

Posted by Murat   @   8 November 2018 0 comments
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