Eddie Simmons, Michael Westin

Posted by Murat on 8 November 2018 0 Comment

A hot young blond man is sunbathing naked in his back yard. He thinks that no one is watching and he strokes himself to a full erection, enjoying the warm rays of the sun on his rock hard shaft. Little does he know, but his next neighbour has been spying on him through the back fence! The neighbour sneaks over, silently approaching the sunbathing guy and then reaching out to grip his thick tool. The blond is shocked but as soon as his neighbour wraps his lips around the blond’s penis, the blond dude arches his back with ecstatic pleasure. The two men retreat to the shade, where they take turns mouthing and fucking each other in the ass.

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Eddie Simmons, Michael Westin

Posted by Murat   @   8 November 2018 0 comments
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