Bobby Tyler, Renato, Blake Andrews

Posted by Murat on 7 November 2018 0 Comment

This is one huge cock! Its going to take more than one man to see that it gets the kind of treatment such a fine specimen deserves. The young blonde guy starts sucking on it in the bathtub, his head floundering around as he moves his whole body up and down in time with his lips. The first guy drops down before his friend to return the favor, and he slobbers all over that little sausage. Wanting to discipline his friend, he crams his body against the mirror, the height of the bench is perfect for some good hard ass banging. The smaller blonde guy can hardly believe there is enough room in his sphincter for such a massive wang, and moans loudly.

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Bobby Tyler, Renato, Blake Andrews

Posted by Murat   @   7 November 2018 0 comments
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