Estefano Carioca, Ken Masters

Posted by Murat on 7 November 2018 0 Comment

A cock crazed homosexual has been admiring the stud in his door for quite some time. He sees the stud lying on his bed, idly stroking his cock, and the submissive guy begs him for dick. Finally the better looking stud relents, letting the cock hungry guy suck him off. Gleefully, the sex starved chap swallows his friend’s dick whole, burying his nose in his buddy’s pubes. Once his friend is rock hard, he eases his anus down on his shaft, bouncing up and down so that the stud doesn’t have to do anything to penetrate his sphincter. The guy is so horny that he keeps on grinding the prick until it’s shoots in his ass, filling it with spunk.

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Estefano Carioca, Ken Masters

Posted by Murat   @   7 November 2018 0 comments
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