Andrew Towers, Tony Milan

Posted by Murat on 6 November 2018 0 Comment

This horny guy wants nothing more than a stiff cock in his ass and an anal creampie! He doesn’t care who does it, picking up a random, good-looking young stud at the bar and taking him back to his house. The other guy is quite surprised at how forward this horny cocksucker is, but he’s not about to complain as the older man swallows his cock, getting it hard and lubricated for his anus. The young stud doesn’t have to do a thing as the hairy, older man lowers his sphincter down on the pole and begins to ride it. He loves to be disciplined, rolling over into doggy and begging for it harder and deeper in his butt. He gets an ass full of semen.

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Andrew Towers, Tony Milan

Posted by Murat   @   6 November 2018 0 comments
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